Real Husbands of Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 5 – Video Recap & Review – Hart vs. Mosley

Recap and review of Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 – Hart vs. Mosley  

NOTE: RHOH is a satirical comedy not intended to portray real life events, but Hollywood’s A-list urban actors & artists parodying their real lives. 

Last episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart’s mouth got him in trouble once again as he hit on the girlfriend of pro boxer Shane Mosley. Recognizing he is about to get himself in trouble, Kevin acts like he has Tourette’s syndrome. Shane challenges Kevin to a fight, and it turns into a charity match for a children’s Tourette’s association. Laila Ali came in to train Kevin, but the others got her to trick him so he thinks that he knocked her out. This leads Kevin to have a big head thinking he can beat Shane. With JB and Oliver has his training team and the other guys wanting him to fail, he heads into the ring!

Did Kevin prevail or flop?

Kevin is at a press conference getting ready for the fight and Shane is there too. Actress Elise Neal is there supporting Shane as well as Nick is hosting the press conference. Nick announces all of Shane accolades when he introduces him and Nick disses Kevin when he announces him. The fight is for Kids With Tourette’s Syndrome. Shane reiterates that he will donate $100,000 for every round. JB, who is sitting on Kevin side and says Shane will beat him.

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Shane and Elise then get into it talking about Kevin and Shane and then things get personal and everybody has to get them to chill. Elise is just an interested fan of a champs when she responds to a question. Elise says she didn’t get a role in Think Like a Man because she didn’t get a role in Think Like a Man because Kevin didn’t like her, so she wants to make sure Kevin gets his little *** whooped!

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Kevin makes a point that Shane is a former champ and he plans on whipping a former champ! Shane’s dad stands up and Kevin says “sit your old a** down before I make change.” A reporter asks Kevin how can he beat someone how has never been knocked out. Kevin hurls insults at the reporter and tells him to see his fat *** down! Nick calls Kevin the “Un-incredible Hulk” in a tuxedo shirt. Kevin says Shane’s eyes are fake and is going to whip everyone

Shane says Kevin is a funny dude he has all of his DVD’s and Kevin tries to beat and him before the fight. Then Elise pushes Kevin and punches JB . She hurls at Kevin and tries to go for him! The whole press conference is in chaos as Kevin yells in the camera he is the greatest!

Rocsi Diaz is reporting from the streets trying to get people’s feedback on the fight and everyone trashes Kevin! One man says that there has been no lopsided fights since Vesuvius vs Pompeii, while one woman says she wants to get with Kevin to have a short, rich man.

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Nick, Duane, and Robin are at the bar as Kevin comes in and greets them all and he says it is good to be at something that is actually successful. But Duane and everyone remind Kevin that he didn’t want to do it! Kevin says he changed his mind in wants in but they say too late! Even though JB agreed with Kevin, they say he is in! Shane is in as well! Nick says that all of this is karma!

Kevin says after he whips Shane and JB he is coming for Duane and Nick! Everyone is getting ready for the fight. Tourette’s kids are in the audience and talk to the reporters and one goes ballistic. Hollywood A-listers are in the audience!

Kevin comes in and absorbs the energy from the crowd and raps a boxing rap as he heads into the crowd and calls Shane a mitch! Elise is in the ring too with Shane and JB is there with Kevin. The match is held in their bar Karma. Nick introduces Robin to sing the National Anthem and he says good luck to both Kevin and Shane. Robin’s performance lasts over 10 minutes and Nick has to take the mic and end it!

Nick introduces the candidates and he says Shane is a world champion and owner of the fine establishment. He says Kevin has no wins, no losses, no draws, and he needs all of the brotherly love he can get! Kevin and Robin start to go at it and Kevin says he wants a piss test. They touch gloves and Shane knocks Kevin’s out of his hand! Kevin is distraught and says JB didn’t wrap his hands out. JB gives Kevin a pep talk as Oliver asks can he still cash his check for the week. Kevin is nervous now!

The fight begins and Shane begins to pummel Kevin. Kevin gets mad and goes and hits JB! He gets back in the fight with Shane and then starts to hit the referred. Kevin said he was handling his business in the ring! Once Shane’s girlfriend walks in, he is too busy starting at her, he punches Shane real hard in the face only to finish looking at her. Kevin tries to hug Shane but he won’t have it and just downright finishes him off. Kevin is knocked out! Nick and Duane say that someone needs to call SWAT! JB is distraught! Kevin then claims he knocked himself out, and knocked out Laila Ali as well. Laila appears and knocks Kevin out and calls him a mitch!

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Review: While it still hasn’t reached the point of “It’s Getting Hot in Herrree,” this episode was marginally better than last week. I believe this is mainly because for once, the series focused on one sole story arc instead of doing more than one. In doing so, we got to focus on what exactly was going on. Even though this episode was Kevin-heavy (which is 3/4 times the case) we got to see more facets of Hart on the show.

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