Real Husbands of Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 4 – Video Recap & Review – Karma’s a Mitch

Recap and review of Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 3 – Karma’s a Mitch. 

NOTE: RHOH is a satirical comedy not intended to portray real life events, but Hollywood’s A-list urban actors & artists parodying their real lives. 

Last episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood, all the guys got together to work on Nelly’s new workout video, but tried to keep Kevin Hart out of it. After he messes up on set of their taping, he goes around them and buys the production company and owns their video and writes their check! In this episode, they move on their next investment, a new lounge club, while somehow Kevin flirts with the girlfriend of boxer Sugar Shane Mosely, prompting the latter to want to fight him.

See how everything panned out:

The guys are interested in investing in this new club and lounge called Karma. Everyone is interested especially Robin. Duane said  they need 50,000 each to cash in, but Kevin doesn’t believe it! JB backs him up, but he and Kevin start arguing and Kevin thinks that everyone thinks that he stupid. Duane then says the former owner died and the wife is selling it and want them to act fast. Kevin repeatedly calls Duane “shake” thinking that something will be wrong. He is right as they need a 5 million dollar payment. Duane gets Nick to convince him that the margins are good and it is a pretty good deal.

Kevin – “How are you going ot make your payment Nickelodeon? MiMi give you a check?

Nick them proceeds to throw all of his checks from Teen Nick, Whylin’ Out, and many more! He then pulls out a blank check from Mariah. LOL. Kevin walks out and says he doesn’t trust what Duane is doing. JB says he doesnt either as “Shake” sounds like a medical disorder. When they walk about Kevin sees a pretty lady that he wants to “smash,” but she is Sugar Shane Mosley’s girlfriend. JB set him up! Kevin doesn’t believe that she is Shane’s girlfriend, and he punches him.

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Kevin to Shane – “You retired from whopping a** and stuff? Dang you got some pretty a** eyes man. It’s like looking in a coffin or something.”

Shane gets irritated but Kevin then fakes he has tourettes! Kevin then says he wants a charity fight and Shane to do it, and Shane wants to fight Kevin. Kevin is astonished and cusses him and puts it on tourettes. Shane is ready to beat up Kevin in the fight and JB has it all recorded. The other guys come out the lounge and the laugh at everything that has gone on! Kevin drives off as JB shows the rest of them the video. Everyone on Twitter is talking about Kevin fighting Shane.

Kevin thinks on Trina can get him out, but she can’t. She says the video JB posted is on Bossip, Worldstar and PornCave, with Kevin being super excited about being on the latter. He compares himself to pornstar Mr. Magnum which Trina laughs at, but Kevin says she’s never seen his equipment!

Trina calls him the Frank Ocean of tourettes because the media is portaying it as if he has come out with the disease! Trina says he has to do the fight because Shane will donate 100,000 to his charity for every round he fights him. Kevin still wants to be out of the fight, but Trina insists he can’t! He tries to rip the paper but can’t, and then she does it easily saying “Hmm…Mr. Magnum.”

The guys are sitting around at the bar and Nick insists that he can’t back out of the fight. He and Duane have sold the fight to many TV networks and a soft porn site. Kevin bosses his assistant Calvin around and he spits on his cigar. Nick says that Kevin can’t back out, he’s spent all of his money and Mariah’s. Nick and Kevin start to fight and he says Kevin doesn’t care about the kids. Kevin throws his shoe at Nick before he leaves. One of the guys says “Stop flip flopping Romney!” JB and Oliver try to tell Kevin that Shane isn’t going to be prepared and they are willing to train him to be a beast! Kevin then realizes his potential and says that Shane is no better than him saying they are the same height, weight, both divorced, and he is 45 years old her than him!

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Oliver and JB are in the gym helping Kevin train and quote Sweet Brown by saying “Ain’t nobody got time” for Kevin to lose in a charity event! Laila Ali also comes to help train him and Kevin wants to know his secrets. Laila says he just wants to know how to run like a cheater! Laila then wants Kevin to show her what he’s got.

Kevin: “My defense is crazy. They called be the blur when I was 13.”

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Laila just wants to see a simple jab and she takes his jab and crushes it saying her 1 year old daughter hits harder than him. Kevin says even though Laila’s a girl he’s not afraid of her. He puts on a head guard and mouth piece and Laila proceeds to beat the mess out of him but then somehow she falls out. But turns out Duane told her to act like Kevin beat her so he can feel confident about his fight with Shane and then proceed to get beat! Kevin is super confident and says he wants to take on all the Ali family, and that Tatyana Ali is next! He is ready to fight Shane.

Review: I’ve got to admit I was very much let down by this episode after the fantastic episode that was delivered last week. For one we were back to a Kevin-driven episode and saw less of the more interesting stars like Boris Kodjoe. I will point out a major positive is that the next episode will finish this plot, and in doing so deliver the most continuity in the series, not counting the ongoing Kevin vs. Robin – which has seemed to die down anyway.

Most of the wit was gone this episode. Although not as good as last week, we did however have several great on-liners (Romney, Mariah, Mr. Mangum) so I will give them that. When the fight actually airs in next week’s episode, hopefully we get everything we needed in “Karma’s a Mitch.”

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