Real Husbands of Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 2 – Video Recap & Review – Thicke and Tired

Duane Martin, JB Smoove, and Boris Kodjoe are riding throughout the town in Duane’s luxury car and JB is complaining per usual. They are traveling to Duane’s factory where he makes his suits. Duane says that he is about to make them rich, but Boris says that he and JB are skeptical. It seems to be a legit factory, there are elderly men and women in there who are making the suits, and all of them are on oxygen and in bad shape, calling asleep. JB says all of them are 1000 years old!! Duane says alot of them are proud veterans such as Vietnam War, and Boris says they must be from Gettysburg. JB tries on a suit and the suit happens to be really good, and Boris agrees to go along with it as well.

Robin Thicke and Nelly are meeting for lunch. Robin believes in turning the other cheek but Nelly says that Kevin feeds off of chaos. Nelly is setting Robin and Kevin up to meet, and the only way he could is that Nelly told Kevin that Paula was going to be there. Kevin Hart arrives with flowers and chocolate expecting Paula and then realizes he is being set up! Nelly convinces Kevin to sit down and tells him for some reason Robin is insisting on being his friend. Nelly gets a call and has to leave but Kevin and Robin don’t want them to so they don’t have to be alone. Kevin berates him and Nelly is still trying to figure out why Robin is still trying to be his friend.

Robin wants to clear the air, but Kevin gets distracted when he sees none other than R&B singer Melanie Fiona. Kevin tries to talk to her but Melanie basically ignores him and talks to Robin! Melanie tells him how she needs a man and Kevin is back at the table thinking it should be him! Robin says that Paula will play matchmaker for her. Kevin tries to give the flowers to Melanie, but she says she really doesn’t like comedy, but her nieces may want to go. Melanie and Robin say good by and Kevin tries to get at her again and she said “Bye Lil’ Kevin Hart.” Robin says he will help Kevin find someone but is still fuming that Nelly set him up! Kevin insults Robin again but then Russell Simmons comes up and they talk about having yoga. Kevin tries to talk to Russell too, but he really doesn’t remember him. Robin tells Russell to sit down, but he talks to Robin and basically ignores Kevin too! Kevin tries to give Russell his number but he blows it off and walks away.

Robin on relationship with Russell Simmons: “We’ve done some stuff that’s only legal in Brazil”

When Russell leaves, Kevin continues his insults before Ed O’Neill talks to Robin. O’Neill, who stars in Modern Family, doesn’t remember Kevin guest-starring on Modern Family. Ed gives Robin tickets to a Lakers game. He can bring a guest, and Kevin is jumping up and down but Robin says Nelly. Kevin gets mad and storms off!

Real Husbands of Hollywood Episodes 2

Kevin’s assistant Oliver tries to hit on R&B star Keri Hilson, and get a kiss on the cheek. Kevin runs out and his mad because he trashed Kevin’s car in front of Keri. Kevin fires him but when he doesn’t care, Kevin lets him back anyway and wants to know how he got to talk to Keri. When he says Keri talked to him again, he fires him again, and says that he let Fat Jesus beat him! Common comes up and says that he has heard stuff about Kevin and Kevin threatens him as well. Common just tells him to get on, and it seems as Common gets along with Oliver too! He tells Oliver to get in the car, but then fires him yet again! Oliver just says “my job.” LOL.

Boris and JB are still surprised that the company is working so well and he is helping the elderly out by giving them a job. But then they find out that Duane isn’t paying them anything and he made a deal for a retrimenet home. Boris punches him and says he is out! He tells all of the elderly to go home and takes one of their oxygen masks!

Boris on Duane’s scheme “I don’t know if he is genus or going straight to hell. I’m guessing hell.”

We are now taken to Kevin’s comedy concert, and Kevin is mad because his opening act went over, and even though it was 28 seconds, he says it was disrespectful. The host announces that Robin is the crowd, and they want him to go on stage. Kevin is still arguing with his opening act, but then finds out they are chanting for Robin! Robin performs “Pretty Little Heart.” Oliver is cupcaking with Keri Hilson and Kevin gets angry with him and is wondering how Oliver is even there, and says is he selling drugs while working for him! He wants Oliver to get Robin offstage. The crowd wants an encore and he performs one more, and even blows completely up. Robin says he loved to be back on the small stage, loving where he is from. Robin says that Kevin made a mistake and took his kindness for weakness, and says see him at poker!

Nick Cannon appears and wants to talk to Kevin and says that Calvin is having trouble sleeping, and wants Kevin to apologize. Kevin says he must have bumped his head, he’s not apologizing – there is a lawsuit coming. Nick wanted to resolve it peacefully, then he reveals Calvin behind him! Nick has a cup on now so Kevin can’t kick him there. Calvin says that Kevin forgot his mouthpiece, and kicks him in the mouth! It is time for Kevin to go on stage but he’s laid out in the floor!

Calvin Real Husbands of Hollywod Episode 2

Review: This week was good as well, still on par with the first episode. I know this is his show, but it is a bit Kevin-heavy. I also feel like we don’t “know” the characters that well, but were getting into a little bit of Robin Thicke’s parody. Focusing more on Boris & Duane would have been good, I didn’t include JB because he is completely annoying. I see they have him here as the “whiner” but I think someone else could have done that. Anyway, the show is still good, hopefully the big step up will take place next week.

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