Real Husbands of Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 1 – Video Recap and Review – Easy Bake Kevin

Real Husbands of Hollywood is a satirical parody / comedy improv show that is intended to portray the fake lives of Hollywood actors who are married to A-list actresses. Kevin Hart, Duane Martin, JB Smoove, Boris Kodjoe, Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke star.

The series opens with Kevin Hart reminiscing on his hit year – hit tours across the world, Think Like a Man, and winning a BET Award. Nothing can wipe the smile off his face. That is until a bird poops on his face. He is coined “Mr. New Money.”

Hart continues to ride around in the backseat of his whip, flanked by women. He gets to Nick Cannon’s house where a posh house party is taking place. JB Smoove is there and calls him the funniest man in America, but after he leaves exclaims “I Can’t stand him!” JB Smoove is coined “The Hater.” He also comes in contact with Boris Kodjoe, “The Pretty M*&#@(*$&.” Hart then has a short interaction with Duane Martin “Mr. Hollywood Shuffle.” Hart thinks he runs the show unil he comes into a contact with a lot of kids playing at a pool, and realizes that this is in fact a children’s birthday party. Kevin thought that Nick was talking about bringing his babes instead of babies to the party.

Kevin asks Nick where Mariah is at and Nick responds hiding with his gremlin a**. Hart questions Cannon being supported by Carey and Nick says that he had all of this before he married Mariah and sold Kevin his house! Nick is “Mr. Get-A-Check.” He tries to feed Kevin a hot dog weenie.

Nelly and JB suggest that Cannon should start a food truck, insinuating that the food at the party is bad. Kevin’s kids nanny Tiffany tries to pull a stunt to flirt with Duane, and reveals that she is just there to spy on everything because she is the cousin of his wife Bridgit. She then blackmails him out of some money.

Duane begins to model “break-a-ware” his new product. Boris plugs his suit company and Kevin and JB slam it, with the previous telling him to “transform back.”

The dudes continue to clown the food. Kevin insults Nick’s cousin who made the pie and he kicks him.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood Episode 1

Kevin: “How can he kick my nuts while he can’t even find his own yet.”

“If you grown enough to hit a man, you grown enough to get handled.”

The boy continues to take Hart down, which is hilarious. Cannon says his family is weet in the kitchen and in the wring. The boy runs Hart out the house! Hart calls him an 11-year-old rottwiler and goes to see his lawyer.

Kevin: “I can’t have kids! I’m suing.”

The attorney has already talked to Nick. She represents Duane, JB, Nicole Ari Parker (Boris’ wife), Tisha (Duane’s wife), and more!

Kevin: “You represent white people?” Attorney: “It’s the only way I afford to serve you.”

The attorney says he’s a tween he could work for Disney but Kevin is determined to take him down and he is smart enough to see these things! Kevin can’t get around her!

Real Husbands of Hollywood Episode 1 Boris Kodjoe

Everyone gathers at Kevin’s house because his house is now a wife-free zone. Duane brings the “break-a-ware” back over and has had one custom-made for Kevin. The guys are still laughing over Kevin getting beat up by an 11-year-old. Kevin calls them all “mitches.” A male version of you know what. Kevin says everyone at least knows one. Enter Robin Thicke.

Nelly invited Robin Thicke. Nelly said someone had to be invivted to lose, but everyone thinks that was someone else. Kevin is mad that someone he doesn’t know is in the house. Kevin then gets excited when he finds out Robin is married to Paula Patton and wants her ,or Mariah, or Nicole, or Tisha! He then says take Tisha out because she has a crush on him!

Robin arrives at the door but Kevin runs out to see Paula but she speeds off. Kevin doesn’t want them but then when finds out Paula is coming back to pick him up, tells Robin to come in and stay! Kevin gets annoyed with Robin’s presence when the dudes are playing cards. JB Smoove says that Kevin is second-best to his stand-up and they go back and forth. They all gang up on Kevin even more. Robin wins it all, but says its not as fun as when he played at Prince’s house, which catches the attention of all the others. Kevin kicks everyone out and tells them to go play it at Prince’s house.

Real Husbands of Hollywood Episode 1

Kevin tells Robin to never come back there, with dramatic music. Hilarity. Kevin says he’s a beast and Robin’s a dove!

Next week Kevin finds out that Kevin only wanted him there for Paula. Kevin still vows to sue Nick’s cousin Calvin and Common appears!

The verdict: I guess this is good for a satirical parody show. The jury is still out for next week but hopefully it does get better. The show would be better if it actually acted like a reality show, because while we do know its scripted, they should at least give us that. While I do see storylines developing, they are going to have to do way better than this to develop story for the long run.

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