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Ray Boudreaux – Use Me – The Voice 5 – Video

Ray Boudreaux - Use Me

Ray Boudreaux – Use Me

Ray Boudreaux sang “Use Me” on The Voice Season 5 Blind Auditions.

Ray had a daughter when he was 22 and has never even been on a plane.

He mows lawns for extra income and hopes that music will be his ticket out.

His voice is full of soul and it’s very powerful. Plus, he’s a cutie!

Coach Push! Sales Pitch
Adam Levine No “You look like Blake but you sound like Ceelo.”
Christina Aguilera No
Ceelo Green Yes “You did a great job. I want to win with you.”
Blake Shelton Yes “It was like lightning strikes. I would buy a ticket to your concert.”
team adam sm Ray Boudreaux chose

Ray Boudreaux

Ray Boudreaux

Download: Use Me

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WGWG and he is cute if he makes live shows everyone better watch out 


For some reason I can't pause or make the performance videos full screen....are you doing anything differently  tonight?