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Ratings: ‘The Voice’ beats ‘The X Factor’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ wins Thursday – 11/09/2012

The Voice had a 3.0 adult rating (results show low) but it was enough to beat The X Factor which had a 2.3 rating and 6.2 million viewers on Thursday. Both shows were battling with The Big Bang Theory which had a 5.0 rating and 16.54 million viewers — the #1 and most watched show of the night.

As I’ve said many times this week, The Voice has already proven it is the better show than The X Factor, so I look forward to next week when we are back to covering the shows on different days. Multi-tasking almost everyday this week was difficult. Mondays with DWTS and The Voice is hard enough.

The Vampire Diaries had a 1.4 rating and 2.9 million viewers.

Glee had a season low 2.4 rating and 5.732 million. It was beaten by The Office which had 2.5 and 5.3 million. Looks like The Voice gave The Office a boost.

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I wonder if X-Factor  had debut before the Voice Season 1, if it would made a difference? Did the Voice steal Simon's thunder before he had a chance?  Nah, I think people may just be tired of Simon and moving on to fresher ideas and the Voice did that. The 5 million dollar prize did not work for X-Factor at all. They should just stick with just a contract and finding a star and real talent. I wonder if X-Factor will be gone after next season?  I hope not because I still love it. Season 1 was so good, dang it!!!!!!!!!!! Simon why did you have to mess it up. Ok the scheduling this season sucked too. lols..........

So happy for the Voice and this season I hope they will find a winner that will produce a great single. A lot of great contestants this season. So maybe a female winner will do the trick.  :)  No more bbg!  


@rickey what happened to the 20 million viewers Simon predicted?

Rickey moderator

@wildhorse19 @Mikhail XO 20 million prediction is the new kiss of death prediction. Hardly ANY show gets that number now -- even American Idol. Simon has gone from 20 mil to trying to stay on air. Season 3 may be the last of The X Factor USA unless they do some budget cuts to justify being on the air. XF will fall below 6 million in the next couple of weeks which should give Simon nightmares.

The Voice in the fall basically is the show The X Factor wanted to be.