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Ratings: The Big Bang Theory tops American Idol again

Update: The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up to 4.1 and American Idol up to 4.0

The Big Bang theory was the #1 show of the night with a 4.0 adult rating. New episodes of TBBT now routinely beat Idol on Thursday — which was basically the same story last fall with The X Factor.

American Idol had a 3.9 adult rating.

The rest of the numbers:

From FOX Research:

#AmericanIdol was last night’s No. 1 program in Total Viewers (14.4 mil) and Adults 25-54 (5.4/14, tie) and No. 2 in Adults 18-49 (3.9/12)

From TVbytheNumbers:

FOX won the night with viewers 18-49 led by American Idol’s adults 18-49 3.9 adults 18-49 rating, which was down from last week’s 4.0. Touch earned a new season/series low with a 1.9, down two-tenths from last week’s 2.1 adults 18-49 rating.

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory returned from two weeks of repeats this week and was the #1 show of the night, but only earning a 4.0, down four-tenths from the 4.4 its last original earned and a new season low. Person Of Interest and The Mentalist also returned from repeats this week, and earned a 2.4 and a 2.1, both down from the 3.0 and 2.4 their last originals earned and new series lows.

The Vampire Diaries was even with last week’s series low 1.0 adults 18-49, and The Secret Circle was also flat compared to last week’s season/series low 0.5 adults 18-49 rating.

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These shows will not lose viewers so much by oversaturation of too many similar shows, but by the impression that voters are losing control. Even if the typical viewer doesn't vote, they still were viewing with the assumption that the public was choosing. All these drastic cuts, judges saves, judges cuts, yada yada - is probably turning them off more. Back when Idol had a top 24, it was 4 down a week, so even the fodder SEEMED to have a chance. Of course it was all cast in the first place, and pimp spots and all sorts of idolesque cliches from the grassy knoll came into play. I think the only way for Idol to get back it's mojo is to go back to the old top 24, no save, no wild cards, and no online voting. If Simon was smart - he'd change up the X Factor to the old popular Idol format this upcomming season ;-)


I still find your claims misleading Rickey...over 2 million more people watched Idol last night and Big Bangs numbers were down slightly for a new episode....regardless of the "demos" you keep harking on Idol is still being watched by far more people...young and old and everything in between including yours truly who falls into that 18-49 demo.  Idol has been very consistent for weeks now while that other talent show The Voice continues to lose viewers every week

Rickey moderator

 @djfabian Also, I'm sorry I called you an idiot.


The Voice has been as steady as Idol for the past couple of weeks in the ratings so your claims are unfounded. And it doesn't make sense to discuss the Voice now because there are only two more weeks. If it goes up or down, so what?


American Idol still has a few more episodes to go to show some sort of "trend" but even that is insignificant. The only reason why I'm still interested in Idol numbers is because every year, the Top 4 and 3 shows have a significant drop and are the lowest rated shows of the season. So I'm interested to see how Idol will deal with that this year. We could actually see series lows from Idol, which I think is significant considering Idol's stature. You can argue total numbers all you want, but the drop in the demo means the young viewers have left this show (or have gotten older) to a point where it may no longer be the pop culture driver it used to be.


These are objective observations. As a person running a business, this is important to me. Where three years ago, I could still live off the show for an entire year, these days, you'd be lucky to get any real boost during the week. I'm very happy that I was able to look at the signs and diversified very early with things that I cover here in the blog. If I stuck with your logic that "15 million is still amazing" and doubled down on Idol -- then I wouldn't have the record number of visitors that we are having now on the blog. I've actually lessened the ad load, and earning a bit more because we have more visitors now who are coming for things that are NOT American Idol.

Rickey moderator

 @djfabian What about demo don't you understand? Sheesh. I am not "misleading" anyone. And by your own standard, Dancing with the Stars beat American Idol this week in total number of viewers. Idol cannot even beat DWTS in total number of viewers now.


Total number of viewers is not what FOX or advertisers look at -- it's the demo. Why are you such an idiot?


 @Rickey its all in the headlines Rickey...Im not being an idiot ...other sites claim American Idol and big Bang won the night but Big Bang was down a bit....its not totally about the demo...when they present the final weeks rankings idol is still way up there at the top....the demo is important but when millions more are tuning in you cant ignore those figures either

Rickey moderator

 @djfabian I'm actually making the most objective statement by just calling the facts as it is.


Total number of viewers is just for press releases as TVbytheNumbers would say. If you ever read the FOX releases on a regular basis, they always cherry pick the BEST numbers to present. Like for this morning for example, the lead text was "No. 1 Program in total viewers" -- if they were "No. 1 in the demo" that would be the lead -- so whichever sounds more impressive, that is what they put out. So who's biased?


The only reason why I've been adding these total number of viewers here is because of people like you who insist that it is the most important number. You should complain to FOX and the advertising industry about their "bias" toward the demo -- NOT TO ME. 


NCIS and Dancing with the Stars have beaten American Idol in total number of viewers many times this season. MANY TIMES. And yet, NO ONE CARES (but you apparently). Why? Because these numbers don't matter, it's the demo ratings that keep this industry going. That's why New Girl and Glee are still on the air and considered "hits" even if they have 1/3 the audience of Dancing with the Stars,  NCIS and even Person of Interest. Young adults (the demo) are watching them and that's what matters.


You're so annoying. I hardly even wrote anything in this post. WTF.