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Ratings: The Big Bang Theory rises, beats American Idol 12 – 2/08/2013

Update: TBBT adjusted up to 6.2

The Big Bang Theory continues to go up in the ratings as American Idol 12 continues to lose viewers. It’s interesting how in just a couple of years we are seeing a total reversal in roles. Instead of asking “Can anyone beat Idol?”, the question now is “Can anyone beat the Big Bang Theory?”

The Big Bang Theory had a 6.1 adult rating on Thursday (up from 5.4 last week), easily the #1 show of the night. American Idol had a 4.1 rating, down 8% from last week, and 13.1 million viewers.

Idol should be in the 3’s in the next two weeks for sure now. Long live American Idol!

The rest of the numbers:

Two and a Half Men had a 4.1 (TIED WITH IDOL!) and 14.15 million viewers (more than Idol!)
The Vampire Diaries had a 1.1 and 2.50 million viewers.
Person Of Interest had a 3.2 and 15.16 million viewers (more than Idol!)
Grey’s Anatomy had 3.1 and 8.82 million viewers.
Glee had a 2.2 and 6.06 million viewers.
Scandal had a 2.8 and 8.00 million viewers.

Do No Harm continues to tank with a 0.7 (OMG) and 2.18 million viewers

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Ayee Scandal's winning though! Honestly the dude week wasn't good which may be a contributing factor. Hopefully the girls bring it .


<selfish rant> I finally managed to watch an entire episode without falling asleep... and holy shit what a dreckitude. No cutie patooties. No singer/songwriters. No "I'm too cool for this show" types.  And not even a single one of the good singers (that's a very generous "good") has the right package/personality/quality/factor to sell music. It's like they weeded out any potential male winner during the cattle calls.  There was zero blip on my radar.  I feel so alienated, like they don't want me to watch the show. :(

I feel bad for Nicki.  She's a great judge but the talent they presented to her is nowhere stellar.

I also feel bad for the guys who made the cut.  They will be roasted in hell during the live shows.

They better pull off a Kris Allen 2.0 or else this season is over for me. </selfish rant>


Rickey it seems as if the faithful idol views HATE nicki do you think that has anything to do with the ratings drop 

Rickey moderator

@Forever504 Yes and no. Nicki actually brings in younger viewers -- which is what the ratings measure. I think that "faithful idol" viewers that are turned off by Nicki and are not watching are contributing to the "number of viewers" drop in general.


@Rickey @Forever504 so how is show holding up compared to last must be kept in mind that network TV ratings have been eroding for alot of shows and it does seem like show is still strong even with ratings also seems show has been creating more water cooler buzz than in previous years....Im more excited than I have been in years and cant wait to see what Nicki is gonna say or do does appear that neither the Voice or X factor could even dream of getting the ratings this show has been getting....even with the viewer erosion.....BTW Im proud to say I have never ever seen an episode of Big Bang Theory nor do I have any desire....

Rickey moderator

@djfabian @Forever504 It's not holding up very well at all compared to last year. Down by 5 million viewers compared to a similar show in Season 11. Down by 29%.

I will make sure to add these stats this week just for you.