Ratings: ‘Smash’ bombs on Season 2 return – 2/06/2013

Smash Season 2 premiered to a 1.1 adult rating last night and 4.5 million viewers.

The show starring Jennifer Hudson and Katharine McPhee premiered to a 3.8 rating and 11 million viewers last season.

Looks like it’s game over for this show. It was topped by every other show on TV last night except for the CW. So what happened to the “stars” of American Idol?

The rest:

NCIS had a 3.7 rating and 21.49 million viewers.

The Taste has a 1.8 rating and 5.28 million viewers.

The Bachelor has a 2.6 and 7.79 million.

New Girl had a 2.5 and 4.81 million (still a hit!)

Ratings Smash Season 2

Via TVbytheNumbers

Smash bombs on Season 2 return

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waynocoaster moderator

I have it on DVR and still can't push the play button.  

Klope62 moderator

I didn't even know it premiered.


This show is brilliant, I don't get all the hate!

NickRoman1 moderator

Shame. I genuinely do love the show. It has a weird charm to it, and the original songs are pretty great. 

That said, this doesn't really surprise me. If the show has any saving grace it's that it's on NBC, the network whose standards for what constitutes a "hit" and what constitutes a "bomb" vary from week-to-week. And they might not want to cancel a show they've sunken so much money into without seeing it through.

I really do need to stay away from Entertainment Weekly. The gloating about this in the comments section is fucking insufferable.


Noo! I LOVE this show! Hope it stabilizes when it settles at the 10pm slot.

It was a great premiere!