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Ratings: Big Bang Theory beats American Idol again on Thursday

Update: American Idol adjusted up to 4.9

The Big Bang Theory was the #1 show on Thursday with a 5.1 adult rating beating American Idol again.

American Idol had a 4.8 adult rating (down 11% from last week) and 17 million viewers.

Even with adjustments later today, Idol will still be in the 4′s (it normally jumps up a tenth) — and you know what that means… I panic. Can Idol recover next week? I’m now back to being cautious. Considering how boring the results were last night, 4.8 still isn’t so bad? How do I spin this?

The rest of the numbers:

From FOX_Research:

At 8p, #AmericanIdol was No. 1 in its hour among Adults 18-49 (4.8/14), Total Viewers (17.0 million) & Teens (3.1/12)

From TVbytheNumbers:

At 8pm a one hour version of American Idol was down 11% from last week’s two-hour episode to a 4.8 adults 18-49 rating. The Big Bang Theory returned after a week off with a 5.1 adults 18-49 rating, down two tenths from two weeks ago but if history is a guide it’s likely that both The Big Bang Theory and American Idol see adjustments up in the finals.

Person Of Interest rose to new season highs in adults 18-49 and total viewers and was up three tenths from its last original to a 3.4 adults 18-49 rating, BUT… CBS had preemptions for college basketball and the ratings are more subject to revision in the finals than normal.

Big Bang Theory beats American Idol again

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Rickey almost 2 million more people watched Idol last night over Big Bang.....17 million verses 15.2 for Big Bang....thats more than even the Voice....spin the numbers how you want Idol is still the most watched show in America and that dont even count the millions watching here in Canada and around the world.....I really dont care about 18-49 stats....millions more are still watching Idol and thats all that counts


Damn that is so bad!  I do love the BBT. Watched it online today. :)  The result show did suck, I did not like the pacing of it at all last night. Oh well....

Kristin Sadivnychy Schill
Kristin Sadivnychy Schill

Actually that show is awesome & I can understand why it's beating Idol. I'm a longtime Idol fan but results night is just dragged-out drama bs.


I think it looks like Idol will be settling around the high 4's, low 5s this entire season.


The sad thing is, this is the first year a girl might be able to win (Jessica Sanchez), but I think 4 years of WGWG winning made most people tune out this year.


I kind of feel sorry for Idol now though. It's the big head of Nigel that's hurting this show. It doesn't deserve to die a slow death because Nigel is an asshat.

Rickey moderator

 @djfabian If you don't care about adult rating, that's your opinion. It's the rating that matters to advertisers and the TV industry in the United States. It's the ratings that American Idol itself cares about. I'm sure the show appreciates your loyalty, but really, you sound like an idiot.


In your world, maybe total number of viewers matter -- but for business, it's the adult rating. I'm not spinning anything, LOL.


NCIS will beat American Idol in total number of viewers next week. There are shows with "millions" of viewers every week -- and get canceled because they failed in the ratings. Example: Terra Nova. So no, having millions of viewers is not what counts. It's the adult ratings.

Rickey moderator

 @Mikhail XO I thought of making it a "soft entry" -- although you are right. I probably needed to make it more panic-inducing. In fairness, the ratings yesterday indicated that it may be balancing out again... but it looks like we will see 4's next week for Idol. It's going to be a bloodbath over here next week!