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Ratings: American Idol 12 steady, wins Thursday – 1/18/2013

American Idol 12 had a 5.6 adult rating on Thursday down slightly from last year’s 5.7 Thursday premiere. The show had 16.2 million viewers, losing 1.5 million from last year.

It’s a miracle! Don’t count out the show yet — it may have some legs after all with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on the show. Nicki is bringing in the younger demo, according to FOX. I am so happy! However, it is just the first week so… anything could happen, Anything Could Happen, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Ratings American Idol 12 wins Thursday  1 18 2013

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Nicki has been receiving rave reviews for her judging from TV critics......I think she has been a pleasant surprise although its clear reading idol forums there is a major back lash against her.....its unfortunate because I think alot of the viewers have not even watched......I particularly love how Nicki always finds something good in even the most awkward contestants......Im hooked and excited.......its the first time in a few seasons I can honestly say I cant wait til next week and btw last nights show offered up some great audtions

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@Mikhail XO @djfabian i like how they have been unpredictable in their choices too.....nothing worse than the usual show audtion...sing praises and send em through.......keeps it interesting

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@djfabian I know. That is the difficulty with this fanbase in general, it's so diverse. The "older fans" hate the catfights and Nicki in general because she's not a "singer" (hello, JLo anyone?) -- and yet someone like Nicki who is a current artist is what is needed to attract younger fans to the show (as demonstrated by The Voice's success in the ratings). We go through this every year but I'm calmer now because Nicki can't do no wrong in my book.

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Rickey moderator

@Mikhail XO LOL! Well, it will get clobbered once The Big Bang Theory airs an original. Lazaro may have injected some life in the show -- but once they air that fight between Nicki and Mariah next week, the core fans will get turned off.