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Ratings: American Idol 12 down 16% from last week, down 25% from last year – 2/07/2013

American Idol 12 continues to shed viewers even as it enters its most interesting part of the season the Hollywood Rounds. Idol had a 4.6 adult rating last night, down 16% from last week’s 5.5. This was also down 25% from last year’s 6.1 when Hollywood Week started.

Idol had 14.18 million viewers.

This was enough to be the #1 show of the night, beating Modern Family which had a 3.8 rating and 10.14 million viewers.

The rest of the numbers:

Arrow had a 1.0 rating and 2.95 million viewers.

Criminal Minds had a 2.7 rating and 11.83 million viewers.

CSI had a 2.4 rating and 10.93 million viewers.

Via TVbytheNumbers

Ratings Feb 7 2013

American Idol 12 down 16 from last week

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I fell asleep right before the 2nd hour. Was there any eye candy Rickey? Like Dez-level or higher?


HATE HATE HATE that its only guys week! whats the point! i even wished for the ratings to be lower so they dont repeat this stupidity again.-


@realphill the point is that there is a gender bias  on american idol and usually because of that guys are shown more than girls...this year, they decided to split them up and devote one week for the guys and another for the girls so that both gender are shown equally

Rickey moderator

@realphill It should be a little lower tonight I think. Probably low 4s, but I wouldn't discount it going into the 3s to be honest.