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Ratings: American Idol 12 down 12%, has lowest rated new episode in show’s history

Update: American Idol adjusted up to 3.7, TBBT up to 5.5

American Idol 12 had a 3.6 adult rating on Thursday and 12.33 million viewers. Just as I predicted, the show is now in the 3′s! This was down 12% from last week’s 4.1 and down 29% from a similar show last season.

This is the lowest rated show in Idol history — although still more viewers than a lot of episodes in Season 1.

The Big Bang Theory had a 5.4 rating and 17.62 million viewers to be the #1 show of the night. Two and a Half Men had a 3.8 rating and 13.74 million viewers, the #2 show of the night.

Glee had a 1.7 rating and 5.16 million viewers (down from 2.2 last week).

The Vampire Diaries had a 1.0 rating and 2.31 million viewers.

Beauty and the Beast had a 0.5 rating and 1.41 million viewers.

Scandal had a 2.8 rating and 8.04 million viewers.

Zero Hour premiered to a 1.3 ratings and 6.29 million viewers.

Person of Interest had a 3.0 rating and 14.83 million viewers (more than Idol!)

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djfabian 1 Like

It should be noted that network TV viewing is eroding rapidly.....Survivor had one of its lowest debuts ever last week as well....NBCs community tanked and even Big Bang was down......if you look at the overall picture Idol is still one of the highest rated network shows and still pulls in far more viewers than either X factor or the Voice.......Im loving this season.....I actually think its one of the best in years.......with some very strong talent....and in the end Idol is still the only show that produces successful pop stars....


This is so sad! :(   I hope it picks up. A small glimmer of hope, very small.  Why did you have to fuck with the format again Nigel? WHY??????????????????          


Television is just so saturated with these singing competitions nowadays hence the continued downward spiral of the viewership. The Voice is still fresh but people will lose interest soon. Idol had it's great run...

aquayers 3 Like

Looks like Nigel's plan to separate the gender backfired!!! What an underwhelming hollywood week. I've never seen hollywood week this awful in terms of talents.

Rickey moderator

@aquayers It looks like the Las Vegas weeks will be NO public voting, which will be a disaster.

HaiHi188 1 Like

This is really bad. Can't even compare to The Voice. @@

This comment has been deleted

Rickey moderator 2 Like

@Mikhail XO Thank you. :)

I actially had a premonition yesterday that we might actually see 2's from Idol this season. When that happens, I'll start comparing the ratings to The X Factor Season 2!

I was actually thinking a 3.9 for Thursday, so apparently this show is doing worse than I thought. :( Low 3's next week and ultimately in the 2's by mid-March -- sounds like a good prediction?

There is absolutely 0% chance the ratings will go up now -- and we have not seen the bottom yet.

waynocoaster moderator 1 Like

@Rickey @Mikhail XO This is all because of the judging panel.  Keep Urban and dump the other 3.  


@waynocoaster @Rickey @Mikhail XO 

It's very clear that they are trying to steer the competition in a certain direction. We've seen predominantly black men and white girls. It's not a coincidence.