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Randy Jackson says ‘American Idol 12′ is the Picasso… are you kidding me?

Here’s a new promo for American Idol Season 12 where Randy Jackson says the show is “the gold standard” and “the Picasso” of reality singing competitions. Are you kidding me?

Wasn’t it just a few months ago that his job was in jeopardy? I had to go out of my way to campaign for him! Some people at FOX wanted him out because they wanted a change. Because the so called “gold standard” wasn’t working anymore.

Randy Jackson says  American Idol 12 is the Gold Standard are you kidding me

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JulianPerry6 2 Like

Well, we all know that nearly everything Randy Jackson says is either misinformed or gibberish. Every show has its flaws though:

- The Voice: A record deal that amounts to $100

- X-Factor USA: Mediocre talent. Seriously rehearsed drama. Screaming audience. Bad luck with hosts (i.e. "Carly Rose Sonen...bleurg" - this is the reason I watch). Simon Cowell's eroding credibility. L.A. Reid's poorly timed head bob/finger wave combo when he's feeling the music. Repeated use of the terms/phrases  "Star", "Star is born" and "Steel in your eyes" - can someone explain that last one please.

- American Idol: Randy Jackson. Jimmy Iovine. The winner's single (minus Home - Phillip Phillips). Some seriously bad themes. WGWG. Weird emphasis on "relevant artistry" versus actual singing talent in the last few seasons (i.e. Kelly Clarkson sang "Stuff Like That There" for Big Band Week...I'm sure that was radio ready).

P.S. Did they seriously list Clay Aiken? And how in the world did Kelly Clarkson not get featured (besides her name).


I don't know how this 12th season will turn out and I don't care .They have had several great stars that have already come out from that show,and the best season ever was 10 ,Scotty McCreery has become a true country artist.He just gets better every day,he's sweet,humble,the best deep voice .I was always be his fan.

Mathieu R
Mathieu R 1 Like

AI's marketing tactic this year seems to be focusing on the success of the past winners who have made it big (or had a hit single. haha)

I suppose I can't blame them. It's the only thing they really have to stand on. So far the other shows have yet to produce a success, or even a hit single. So I guess it's a good tactic for now. We will see when the ratings come in if it pays off.

They also seems to be going anti-glitz and anti-sparks and fireworks this season. I guess to balance out the orgasm of sequins and flash that is X-Factor. It might be too boring though. They need to at least give the judges swivel chairs and allow for a team of backup dancers on every performance. And a smoke machine. Idol needs to up their game.

Mathieu R
Mathieu R

I don't know, Rickey. This is a promotional spot for American Idol. What was he supposed to say? American Idol is a boring singing competition that can't find good talent? Granted, Randy is full of hot air 95% of the time, but since they are giving him a couple mil for another season, he's going to shill for them. 

Also, Jackson manages Mimi. I'm thinking that she had a lot to do with him getting to stay on board, in addition to Rickey's support of course. :-)


Rickey dont get me wrong, i love your blog but when you post negatively about x factor or idol, it cheapens the value of these shows to people like me and the rest of your readers. if your voice is that loud and that important, maybe try making positive comments about the shows and maybe viewers will start to be possitive too.

Rickey moderator

@JakeSh1 I do post positive things about Idol and The X Factor! But when those show suck, I don't need to add anymore. I have not been enjoying The X Factor Season 2 as much as Season 1 for example. But I'm not making a big stink about it, calling for it to be canceled or whatnot. I do call it a FAIL FACTOR because that's what it is this season. But when the ratings stabilize for example, I point that out.

American Idol is going to be amazing for Season 12. You have no idea how many people disagree with me on a daily basis on this, but I still believe!


suddenly youve become anti everything thats not "the voice", why cant you show equal consideration for every show. if you dont like the show, don't post anything having to do with it and dont reference it....I think youve forgotten how many stars that YOU like came from idol.....archuletta, underwood just to name a many from the voice? 


rickey, you had to "go out of your way to campaign for him"? as if your such a busy person and as if your "campaigning" made producers keep him on.....ridiculous. Take down your cockiness a bit.

Rickey moderator 1 Like

@JakeSh1 Excuse me, yes, I helped save Randy's job. All the Idol bloggers wanted to get rid of him and I was his only vocal supporter on the Internet. He even quoted me. "He is the glue!"

You also don't get it. will continue to post about American Idol because it's part of the TV schedule and pop culture. In fact I am so excited about this season because I think Nicki Minaj is just absolutely amazing.