Rachel Potter – Live The Dream – Official Video

Here’s the official video of The X Factor Season 3 contestant Rachel Potter “Live The Dream” featuring Michael Buckley, Constantine Maroulis and Ricky Martin!

This is from Rachel’s Live The Dream EP which was released in May 15, 2012.

Rachel starred in Evita on Broadway as The Mistress. She auditioned for The X Factor Season 3 and was one of the standout contestants in last night’s show.

Rachel Potter - Live The Dream - Official Video

Rachel Potter – Live The Dream – Official Video

Featuring cameos by Ricky Martin, Constantine Maroulis, Orfeh, Michael Buckley, Michael Cerveris, Max Von Essen, Marty Thomas, The Vanity Belles, EVITA cast mates, and many more!

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Here we go again with the dishonesty.

NickRoman1 moderator

@KatManFoSho Honestly, it doesn't bug me all that much, since there are so few talents on these types of shows these days who've never done anything in the industry before. 

That said, it is kind of annoying that she spent half of her interview portion talking about how music industry execs weren't even giving her a look. Lies of omission don't annoy me as much as outright lies.

Of course, I still like the girl a lot and think she's gorgeous and talented and all that. So I hope the best for her in the competition, industry past or not. 


@KatManFoSho  I know........I am always amazed at how gullible I am...feel kinda silly. I like her, and she's super talented...but not sure if her voice is unique.


@NickRoman1- Come on now.  Go back and listen to what she said prior to taking the stage.  She said, "...maybe I can finally get a break" right before she took the stage. That very definitely implies that she hasn't had a break yet.  So, her past successes in the music industry, wasn't simply an error of omission.  It was at best a purposeful and very carefully worded falsehood designed by either her, producers of the show or both to deceive us.  In simply truth, it was a lie and very dishonest.

Other than that, I too think she is gorgeous with an angelic voice and hope she goes far in the competition.