Real Husbands of Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 6 – Video Recap & Review – Auf Wiedersehen, Mitches

Recap and review of Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 – Hart vs. Mosley  

NOTE: RHOH is a satirical comedy not intended to portray real life events, but Hollywood’s A-list urban actors & artists parodying their real lives. 

Last episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart finally got what was coming to him when pro boxer Shane Mosely beat him down after he had gotten himself in a charity match with him. Meanwhile, Elise Neal showed up and had a spat with JB while Kevin got pummeled by Shane &  Laila Ali! In this episode Kevin rubs Robin Thicke the wrong way for the last time and Duane and Boris get into business with a German mob boss.

See what happens:

All the guys are at Kevin’s place playing dominos instead of poker. JB is in the kitchen looking for the hot sauce and says that when black folks come over there needs to be hot sauce on the table. Kevin says JB is rambling and is a roach for going through everything! He finds a CD entitled “Heartfelt” and all the dudes laugh at him. Kevin tells Robin that his 15 minutes of fame are up and he needs to return his style and Paula back to black people. Kevin said that he thinks “Heartfelt” would win a Grammy! Boris messes up in dominos and Kevin asks how did he get in the country LOL. Robin says if Kevin needs any help like getting producers to look at it than he can help but Kevin gives him “a glass of no.” Kevin says if he knew JB was going to act like a mitch he would have cut him out of Think Like a Man

Duane set up a meeting with German beer makers and Boris for their new campaign. Duane says that Boris won’t have to worry about Nicole claiming him as a dependant and Boris calls him Mr. Campbell before they trade jabs at their main roles in film. Duane says Boris was in Tyler Perry’s Night Nurse. Hilarious! Duane introuces Boris as Mr. German Chocolate. Apparently Boris says that the man is one of German’s notorious mobsters and Duane is doing business with him and his overtly sexual wife – whom Boris is familiar with.

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Kevin Hart calls Jay Leno to help launch Heartfelt. He says Rickey Minor doesn’t even have Leno’s number. Rickey Minor then says whenever black people call Leno it goes straight to him. JB is having a bubblebath when he sees Kevin performing live on Leno! He then calls Robin and tells him to look at it. Robin doesn’t think its too bad and it is a joke song like Weird Al Yankovic and its like a homage to him. He tells JB not to worry about it. Leno talks to Kevin and says that he is having a video release party at his house tomorrow and that Jay should come  and get crazy like last time. Robin says that he will try to turn the negative into the positive and sings a song on the piano about beating up Kevin with JB in the background!

Photo: BET

Photo: BET

Duane said he could tell Boris didn’t want to do the beer deal, and he thinks that Boris doesn’t want to do it because he put is “Oscar-Meyer weiner” in his wife! Duane tries to get it out of him with alcohol and he reveals that he was with her a long time ago when they were on a tennis team and later people ended up dead so they shouldn’t mess with them. Duane says that Kevin is on the rise but Boris is boring them – everything he is in is cancelled. Boris practices the commercial which gets Duane excited, but he pour the liquor on him. Duane says he doesn’t have to do the deal but Boris has to sign a non-disclosure deal that he can’t disclosure. He signs it and calls him a mitch! Duane reveals that he actually have Boris the contract to sign!

At Kevin’s release party he talks to Young Jeezy and wants him on a track – specifically on a hook. Jeezy keeps it 100 and says he isn’t feeling all of this and doesn’t think that Kevin should be in the music business. Jeezy gets irritated with Oliver and leaves. Boris comes in drunk and bumps into Jeezy. Boris then sees the mobster’s wife, but escapes by saying he has to go to the bathroom. She then appears from the again! She grabs Boris’ balls alluding to their tennis days and kissses him! The mobster finds them kissing and but then says they have a deal. Duane says its a Hollywood thing – they celebrate by kissing! Boris finds out that he was used in the ad!

Kevin gets on stage and is about to world premiere the video, which he says is dedicated to a wonderful person in his life. Robin gets angry that he is talking about Paula in the song! JB goes on stage and turns the video off and Robin says that he stole his beat and is talking about his wife. Kevin admits he remixed the song and put Paula in it, and then Robin’s eyes turn yellow like a werewolf and everyone gets scared!  He begins to morph into Terry Crews and chases Kevin around terrorizing the party! Kevin runs and jumps into the pool. JB is chasing him too and Kevin pushes both of them into the pool. However a woman yells “Boris in the pool naked!” and pushes Kevin in. Kevin invites Robin in to apologize and Robin still looks like Terry Crews! He is still mad but Kevin says people just want brothers to fight – its just a business. He says he is sorry and Robin demands all publishing. They reoncile and Robin says he doesn’t want a handshake he wants a hug. Kevin says he smells like good, like Old Spice. After that Robin morphs back into himself and has no recollection of what happened!

Review: After being decent, but not completely good enough, for the past two episodes, this episode was executed very well and will go down with one of the top moments of the series along with Episode 3, “It’s Getting Hot in Herree.” Multiple plot storylines, not all of it was focusing on Kevin and the story was actually great! More of this RHOH! This show is changing the scope of the modern urban comedy.

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