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Prometheus, a sort-of prequel to Alien, is the closest thing to perfection you’re going to get in the world of sci-fi, and is certainly the best film of its kind to hit theaters in ages. Director Ridley Scott (and Lost scribe Damon Lindelof) take us on an unexpected and surprising journey that is sure to spark debate amongst both fans and casual viewers alike.

Without spoiling anything, Prometheus takes place in the near-future (2093). A group of scientists discover a pictogram in different archaeological digs across the globe that lead them to a mysterious planet where they hope to discover the origins of mankind’s existence. The crew of the ship “Prometheus” journey across the universe to this planet unaware of the horrors that await them.

A finely acted and cohesively told sci-fi film is hard to come by, but Prometheus breaks free from the mold by asking some big questions. Why are we here? Who created human life? It’s all so much to take in when you first watch the movie; it almost demands a second viewing. The search for the answers is a terribly interesting one, even if all of them aren’t explicitly delivered in this installment. There are more than a few really big moments, and one scene that had me squirming in my chair.

Littered with phenomenal performances from the entire cast, there are definitely a couple stand-outs. Michael Fassbender is the emotional core of Prometheus, which is almost ironic considering the fact that he isn’t human. He is looking quite dashing with that blonde ‘do, if I may say. Noomi Rapace delivers a strong character with her Elizabeth Shaw, filled with flaws but also a strong will to survive. I loved Charlize Theron as the cold Meredith Vickers, and I was really rooting for her every step of the way. Logan Marshall-Green is the studly beau to Rapace’s Shaw, and he steals many scenes. Altogether, this cast has great chemistry and there isn’t a single dull moment in the runtime, which clocks in just over two hours. I kept wishing it was longer, actually.

The creature effects, mostly inspired once again by original Alien designer H.R. Giger, are nothing short of phenomenal. I especially adored the scene at the end which had most of the audience cheering. Also, the “worms” were kind of disgusting. I was also taken aback with the awe and spectacle of the effects and technology presented here.

Well, it’s been over ten years and we finally have it: a new installment in the Alien franchise. It might not answer every little question you have about the series and it may ask several more, but rest assured that Prometheus is the best possible prequel movie there could ever be. I hope that Scott follows through with his promise to make this a trilogy a present us with two more films that are halfway as good as this one. If you’re familiar with the franchise or are just desperate for some originality, check out Prometheus, in theaters now. / Rating: A+

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