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Project Runway- Season 11- Finale- Results

Here’s the recap for Season 11 Episode 14, “Finale Part 2,” of Project Runway on Lifetime!

The episode begins with the designers and their helpers (past eliminated contestants) back to the work room to meet with Tim. He explains that they will have the last few days left before Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to complete their collections and tweek the looks they have already created. As a bonus, he takes them to MOOD with $500 to spend on any last minute things they need to complete their collections.


Right off the bat, we can tell that Richard is a complete waste case when it comes to lending any sort of helping hand to Stanley. Patricia and Layana are stuck trying to make her mismatched collection seem more cohesive. They spend most of the episode trying to unscramble the mess that Patricia has created and called a collection. Lastly, my girl Michelle, is remaking one piece to bring more life to her collection and seems to have an awesome sense of where she wants to be.


The models come in for their final fittings and things get CRAZY! After the final fittings, Tim comes in and sends all of the helpers out. Then, he sends in family and friends of the designers to wish them well in their final moments before Fashion Week.

The designers walk in to where the show takes place and stand in amazement at the size of the runway and space. Backstage, the designers steam, press, tighten, hem and clean up garments. With very little time left, Stanley has MOUNTAINS of work to get done and Patricia is putting holes in her leather pants to “make them work”.


As we countdown the final moments before the show and the seats are filled up, Heidi emerges to introduce the judges for this FINAL part of the season. The first judge, filling in for Michael Kors this season, is Zac Posen. Nina Garcia is the second judge. And Michael Kors is the GUEST JUDGE! WOO HOO! #michaelkorsftw


Michelle is the first designer up to show her collection. She BY FAR is my favorite this season and has been for a LONGGG while now. Her looks are strong and rugged, but sensual and feminine at the same time. Her wolf sweater is AMAZING! The yellow-green color she chose to use is vibrant, but unexpected. I am in LOVE with her collection.

Backstage, Stanley is LITERALLY sewing up until the last seconds prior to his runway show. WHOOPSIES!


Patricia is up second, and her show is definitely eccentric to say the least. The pieces she made are far out and unique. She found a way to show off her scarf that the judges really liked last week and of course used the blue smurf freak piece from last week as her showstopper!


Stanley is a rollercoaster of crazy. His collection is mature and elegant, but is it TOO old? I did like his yellow/gold long trench coat piece. Everything is pretty “Park Ave. Porfessional” and it work well together as a collection. I am not a big fan of his final piece, the red dress. It seems old to me. We shall see…

The judges critique the designs and make their decisions.

And the winner of Project Runway Season 11 is…

The finalists are:

Patricia Michaels, Stanley Hudson and Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Guest Judge was Michael Kors


2nd Runner Up: Stanley

Runner-Up: Patricia

And the winner of Project Runway Season 11 is: Michelle!


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