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Project Runway – Season 11 Episode 9 – Recap – He Said, She Said

Here’s the recap for Season 11 Episode 9, “He Said, She Said”,  of Project Runway on Lifetime!

With only seven designers left, there is a lot on the line this week for the challenge. This week’s challenge sends the designers to Lord and Taylor.

The teams have been broken up to new combos that include: Stanley and Patricia, Daniel and Michelle, and Samantha, Layana and Richard. The dynamics of EACH of these teams is promising to give us its fair share of drama, so let the games begin! The challenge this week is to design on trend pieces to compliment your current style. Using the iconic, Lord and Taylor Rose to create ready to wear looks that are inspired by this rose for Spring 2013. The winner will have their looks reproduced and sold in stores and on line at Also, the look will be featured in the window display at Lord and Taylor’s on 5th Ave. in NYC! The price is important and should be under $250 per item.


After having some time to sketch and discuss (or ignore each other) their designs, designers head to mood to grab their fabrics. It seems thus far that the judges chose these teams with DRAMA in mind because already, people are butting heads, ignoring one another and not communicating WHATSOEVER!

There is tension between Layana and Richard, Patricia and Stanley, and Michelle and Daniel. The only person making it out SEMI safe is Samantha (HOW LUCKY?).

As Tim comes around to check on the designers, and we quickly see that Daniel’s design is not on track for this challenge. When asked her thoughts on the look, Michelle shares that she doesn’t think a 21 year old with a lot of money in her purse would choose this look. After Tim leaves, Daniel decides to completely rethink his look. He switches from creating a jacket and shorts to a more youthful and modern dress.

Day 2 ends and the models head to the L’Oreal makeup room to get ready. As the designers rush to finish their looks, it seems that some of the pieces are NOT how they were supposed to be! UHOH!


This Week's Judges

This Week’s Judges


This week’s judging panel welcomes Nina Garcia, Rachel Roy is back, and the guest judge for this week is the President of Lord and Taylor, Bonnie Brooks.

Here are some thoughts about the runway show:

Patricia’s look is young and colorful; I really like the brightness of it. Stanley’s dress is a bit longer than I would think makes sense, but it is also a nice coral color. Richard’s dress looks like his previous design, and his color-blocking is not very impressive. Samantha’s look is definitely a younger look and it has lots of great color. Layana’s dress is a mix of floral softness and black leather hardness. Daniel’s dress is cute and SOOO PINK! Michelle’s dress is AWESOME! It’s a greenish-yellow and is practically ready to wear!

After tallying the judges scores for this challenge, here is the breakdown of this week’s looks!


The Winning Team:

To Daniel's Surprise

To Daniel’s Surprise

Winning Team

Winning Team


Michelle and Daniel: Heidi would be the first one in line to buy Michelle’s dress if it was for sale. It is hip, smart, easy, and elegant.  The entire presentation is perfect and it was the BEST use of the Lord and Taylor wall (GREAT JOB MICHELLE)! As for Daniel, his dress would work for many occasions. Nina likes the bold color, but comments that it could use a little more risk. Heidi doesn’t see anything new here.


The Losing Team:

The Losing Team

The Losing Team

The Losing Looks

The Losing Looks


Samantha, Layana, and Richard: Heidi has a hard time with Samantha’s look. She thinks her combination of colors, ruffles and cut out heart on the back, is too “junior”. Nina and Rachel agree that this is an attempt at risk, but for this challenge, the client mind not want this risk. If Richard’s dress was for sale, Heidi would buy it. Nina isn’t impressed and feels it’s really generic. It seems a bit confusing that it is fun and flirty for the beach, but too dressy, and then NOT dressy enough for night time. Nina likes Layana’s look because of the leather, but doesn’t love the print. Bonnie likes the edginess and chicness of the fabric and design and can see a potential customer buying it at her stores. Rachel appreciates the design and Heidi thinks it’s a hot dress with the shape, but the fabric is not on point.

 After discussing the pros and cons and the hot messes that came down the runway, here are the winner and loser for this week!

The Winner:



The Winning Look

The Winning Look



The Loser:





This Week’s Final Thoughts:

I am a little surprised that Samantha did not squeak through this week ahead of Richard, but when it’s your time… YOU GOTTA GO!

Next week’s challenge looks like it may be tricky seeing as the designers have to create a textile design. The clips from the runway though, seem to show a lot of positivity and GREAT design. Until next week….




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