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Project Runway – Season 11 Episode 8 – Recap – Take It All Off

Here’s the recap for Season 11 Episode 8, “Take It All Off”,  of Project Runway on Lifetime!

This week’s episode starts with the teams being changed up. The new teams are: Team Shades of Grey: Stanley,Daniel, Michelle and Patricia, and then Team Slick and Hip: Richard, Samantha, Amanda and Layana. My first thoughts are that the first team is going to be a really strong team! We shall see.

This week’s challenge is to create a new opening costume that can be tear away for the men of “Thunder From Down Under”. They need to be suave, sophisticated and masculine. Each team needs to create 3 complete looks that are cohesive. Each team will have a budget of $750 and one day to complete their designs. As the teams sit an discuss their concepts, Michelle’s idea of making three different looks (a bike messenger, a business man and a delivery man) is shot down and Team Shades of Grey stick to three suit looks. On the other team, Richard’s ideas are all thrown out because they are ridiculous and would look horrible (crystal buttons and a velcro collar that can stay on when the shirt gets ripped off).

Tim takes the designers to Mood to gather their fabrics, and they head to the workroom to begin bringing their designs to life. As the designers get to work, Amanda seems lost (Adios Amanda). Richard takes a break from works and has a breakdown while Skyping with his family. This may NOT be good for his future on the show, but we shall see.

During construction, both teams seem to be having issues, but Team Slick and Hip seem awfully disconnected. They are not communicating well, and are working obliviously without care for their teammates. This could seal their fate, but at the same time, Team Shades of Grey are running against the clock to get their designs completed. The models come in for a final fitting, hair and makeup. Then, the models and designers head to THE RUNWAY!!

This Week's Judging Panel

This Week’s Judging Panel

This week’s judging panel welcomes Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and the guest judge Emmy Rossum, star of Shameless!

Here are some thoughts about the runway show:

Team Slick and Hip’s models look a hot mess! As a whole, their ship has totally SANK! As the models did their routine, Team Shades of Grey couldn’t get their clothes off! WHOOPSIES! After the show, Heidi explains the judges’ disappointment in all of the lackluster designs this week.

After tallying the judges scores and factoring in the high school students’ scores, here is the breakdown of this week’s looks! Team Slick and Hip loses and by default, Team Shades of Grey “wins”.


The Winning Team:

Team Shades of Grey

Team Shades of Grey

Team Shades of Grey: Michelle’s look gets some good feedback on her design. She attempted to create something unique and stylish by bringing her wild side to the look she created. Her vest zips up asymmetrically (which brings a nice twist to her design). The trench coat made by Daniel is ok, but there isn’t much sex appeal in the second looks. The third look had a nice, fitted pair of pants, but the jacket was referred to as a “rental suit gone wrong”


The Losing Design:

Team Slick and Hip

Team Slick and Hip

Team Slick and Hip: As this team’s hot mess looks come out for critiquing, the models’ clothes won’t even stay on. The pants keep popping open because they are far too tight and the collars on the shirts don’t have any structure, so they just keep rolling down on the guys. When asked by Heidi who should go home, Layana and Amanda stick together and say Richard because he is full of excuses and was butting heads with the rest of the team. Richard and Samantha both agreed that Amanda was the weakest link and needed to go home.

 After discussing the pros and cons and the hot messes that came down the runway, here are the winner and loser for this week!

The Winner:


Heidi and the judges were so disturbed by the horrific garments that came down the runway, that for the FIRST TIME EVER, nobody wins the challeneg. In all 11 seasons of Project Runway, THIS IS A FIRST! How interesting…


The Loser:





This Week’s Final Thoughts:

I am not surprised Amanda went home, however, I would have been okay with Richard going home too. He is beginning to get on my nerves. He is too opinionated and thinks far too highly of his designs. Hopefully, he will shape up and get his act together.

I am SOOOOO looking forward to next week’s episode because it has the designers making “Ready to Wear” looks that will be sold at Lord and Taylor. The preview also shows designer’s arguing and fighting with each other, so sharpen your claws! Until then…


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