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Project Runway – Season 11 Episode 7 – Recap – A Sticky Situation

Here’s the recap for Season 11 Episode 7, “A Sticky Situation”,  of Project Runway on Lifetime!

This week’s episode opened with quite the QUACK! Heidi literally walked out with a duck on a leash! She informs the designers that the duck is a clue to the next challenge, but no one can figure out what it means. They head to the work room to find Tim and pyramids of DUCT TAPE, the inspiration for this challenge!

The challenge is to create a prom dress look that is fashion forward made solely out of DUCT TAPE! The interesting twist is that a group of teenage girls are going to give feedback and voting on the designs THAT PLAY INTO THE JUDGING SCORES THIS WEEK! I love this!

Designers will continue in teams of two and each pair will ONLY create one look. They will have less than a day for the challenge, so in the words of Tim Gunn they need to, “MAKE IT WORK!” The teams are Layana and Stanley, Kate and Tu, Michelle and Amanda, Patricia and Samantha, and my favorites, Richard and Daniel (MY DREAM TEAM)!!

When the designers are told to choose their materials for the challenge, Richard and Daniel literally take EVERY ROLL of gold duct tape so nobody else can use it. When asked by Layana if she can have some, they say no because their entire gown is going to be gold #sorryimnotsorry!

When Tim comes to check in on the designers, Patricia and Samantha seems to be failing at the whole teamwork portion of this challenge. They have both been designing their own concepts because they don’t know how to work together.


Once the designers complete their looks, they are taken to a high school gym to be judged by high school students. The students walk around, chat with the designers and then vote for their favorite look (which will count as 20% of the final judging for this week’s challenge).


This Week's Judges

This Week’s Judges

This week’s judging panel welcomes back Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and the guest judge (who has dressed Michelle Obama WOOT WOOT!) fashion designer, Chris Benz.

The winner of this challenge will have $5,000 donated to Autism Speaks on behalf of Duct brand Duct Tape. (AWESOME BONUS!).

Here are some thought about the runway show:

Amanda and Michelle’s dress is kinda gross only because of the color combo of red and black. She looks a lot like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland hahaah. WHOOPSIES! Daniel and Richard’s gold goddess dress looks ok! There is so much detail in this design, I will be surprised if it doesn’t get them through. Patricia and Amanda’s dress is pretty out there. She sort of reminds me of an alien princess (NOT in a good way)! My favorite, Stanley and Layana’s, looked AMAZING! The model was styled really well and the dress with it’s mixture of zebra print, solid black and the pink bow, was great!

After tallying the judges scores and factoring in the high school students’ scores, here is the breakdown of this week’s looks!


The Winning Design:

The Winning Look

The Winning Look

Michelle and Amanda-The judges thought ths dress was modern, fun and a definite high school fantasy that everyone has. Zac loved the shape and the pattern that the girls used. Nina loved the Gwen Stefani look the dress has to offer.Heidi likes it too!




The Losing Design:

The Losing Look

The Losing Look

Kate and Tu- Heidi doesn’t think the girl will be able to have fun in this design. Zac thinks it’s old fashioned and matronly. Nina agrees with Zac and comments that the denim print/color is boring. Nina and Zac then argue about the length of the dress. Nina thinks the long dress is out and Zac argues that he dresses girls all the time for proms and long dresses are what the girls want!


The Winner:






The Loser:




WOOOOOOOW! Heidi announces the loser, Tu. After she says that, she then says, “Kate, you are ALSO OUT.” WHAT WHAT WHAT??!!??! That was SUCH a curveball that NOBODY saw coming.





This Week’s Final Thoughts:

I am SOOOOO looking forward to next week’s episode because it has MALE STRIPPERS as the models and clients. Looks like it’s going to be ANOTHER great episode! Until then…



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