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Project Runway – Season 11 Episode 10 – Recap – The Art of Fashion

Here’s the recap for Season 11 Episode 10, “The Art of Fashion”,  of Project Runway on Lifetime!

The episode this week starts with contestants meeting Tim Gunn at The Guggenheim Museum. Tim explains that before they can get started, the judges have restructured the teams a bit.

Team 1: Stanley and Michelle

Team 2: Patricia and Richard

Team 3: Layana and Daniel (this could be a DISASTER)

This week’s challenge is called the “HP Intel Challenge”. The museum and all of its contents are this week’s inspiration. Each team  will create one piece of “wearable art”. It should be over-the-top, big and very avant garde. The second garment will be an accompanying look that is more “ready to wear”. Teams will need to create a textile design that will be incorporated into their pieces.

As the designers gain some inspiration, we see that Daniel and Layana  are off to a rocky start and rather than argue through the challenge, have decided to each pick one piece and work on their own; Layana will tackle the avant garde and Daniel the ready to wear. Stanley and Michelle seem to be in the same mind set, so they are looking strong from the beginning. Patricia and Richard seem rushed and flustered, but will figure it out later. Patricia wants the avant garde piece and Richard the ready to wear.

Back in the workroom, designers sketch their designs on HP products to create their fabrics. They are then sent to dynamics to be printed and the designers now head to Mood for the fabrics to make their ready to wear looks.


Tim returns to explain to the designers that this challenge is ESPECIALLY important. The winner of this challenge will win $10,000 CASH and an HP EnvyX2. This should give the extra push some of our weary designers need to pull something FABULOUS off!

As the designers work, Layana is having a REALLY difficult time getting her garment going. Richard is struggling to find inspiration as well. I am SURE this will show out on the runway (we shall see). When Tim comes in to speak with the teams, he calls Richard out, saying it seems that Richard is going to throw Patricia under the bus when it comes to the runway show. He says that is not true, but it DEFINITELY seems that way to me too!

After two days of design and depression (for some), the models are fitted into the garments and sent to the L’Oreal hair and makeup room to get ready for the show.


This Week's Judges

This Week’s Judges



This week’s judging panel welcomes Nina Garcia, Zac Posen is absent again and replaced by Rachel Roy, and the guest judge for this week is fashion designer Tracy Reese.

Here are some thoughts about the runway show:

Layana and Daniel managed to pull out a pretty decent  pair of looks. Patricia’s look is SCARY, but intriguing. Richard’s skirt is HIDEOUS! Michelle and Stanley HAVE TO WIN! They’re looks are AMAZING!

Overall, the judges are VERY impressed in what they saw for this challenge. Heidi is soo excited and pleased with the result.

After tallying the judges scores for this challenge, here is the breakdown of this week’s looks!


The Winning Team:


The Winning Team

The Winning Team


Stanley and Michelle: Heidi loves the colors. Rachel thinks its quirky and fun and wants the piece in her OWN collection. Nina says it is absolute “PERFECTION”! The silhouette is charming and Tracy loves the juxtaposition between the two pieces.

The Losing Team:


The Losing Team

The Losing Team

Patricia and Richard: Nina points out that she can see Richard’s difficulty with the fabric in his skirt. She doesn’t see the translation between the two garments and Rachel Roy agrees. Heidi gave Patricia’s look a high score, but does not like Richard’s design AT ALL. Tracy has problems with the dress from Richard too! (UH OH)

 After discussing the pros and cons of the pieces shared by each team, here are the winner and loser for this week!

The Winner:

This Week's Winner

This Week’s Winner

The Winning Look

The Winning Look



The Loser:


This Week's Loser

This Week’s Loser

The Losing Look

The Losing Look



This Week’s Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed this challenge because it gave the designers an opportunity to be unique and creative. It was a different challenge that showed off some of the designer’s abilities that we hadn’t seen yet this season.

Next week’s challenge looks like it may be another good one! Having designers work with the former contestants that bit the bullet will prove to be a challenge in itself. Tu and Stanley seem to have issues, so we shall see what happens. Until next week….


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