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Project Runway – Season 11 Episode 1 – Recap

Here’s the recap for the first episode of the highly-anticipated season of PROJECT RUNWAY on Lifetime!

Of course, a new season of runway brings a handful of whackadoo’s (or shall I say whackaDON’Ts). From Daniel’s AMAZING mustache to Richard’s crazy leopard pants, we have QUITE the eclectic group of wannabee fashionistas! After meeting the cast, the designers were joined by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn to let them know that this season there will be a TWIST!

Let me just say I have been looking forward to this season of runway because of the rumors that it is an ALL TEAM SEASON!  Every challenge is a team challenge?!!? This is going to be a nightmare/ some of the best reality show competition on tv in a while! I smell cat fights, hair pulling, bitchy attitudes, queens, and that is just in the workroom!

As Tim and Heidi explain, the first challenge is to create a garment that shows off each person as a designer, with the input of the team. So each member needs to show their individuality.There will be one winning team and one losing team, with one person being the winner and one person being sent packing. Each team will have to use a different perspective of NYC as their inspiration. “Team Keeping It Real” gets a view from afar (on a boat in the Hudson) and “Dream Team” gets a view from above (from the roof of the Atlas).

Team Keeping It Real consists of:Patricia (AKA Waterlily??), Layana, Daniel, Amanda, Richard, Joe, Stanley, Kate

Dream Team consists of: Michelle, James, Benjamin, Emily, Cindy,Matthew, Tu, Samantha

The team work stations are TO DIE FOR! They come fully equipped with the Lord and Taylor accessory wall and L’Oreal Make up Rooms and the HP tablets to sketch their designs. The teams head to mood with 45minutes to shop and $1200. The money can be divided however the team chooses, so some strategy is involved.

It seems that Daniel has become the “Papa Bear” of his team, working with teammates and taking a leadership role with his less experienced members. The other team, seems to be working more individually, not really having any concern for each other’s designs (this will surely be a downfall).

Emily seems a bit obnoxious and is in too far over her head. She bit off more than she could chew, and needs her team to help bring her design to fruition. By the end of day on, Emily has absolutely NOTHING constructed.

When it’s time for the runway show, Heidi explains to the designers that for this first seaons, the winner will receive $50,00 of technology and office space from HP and Intel, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a 2013 Lexus GS, $100,000 to start your own line from L’oreal and the chance to start your own line at Lord and Taylor. The model paired with the winner will win$25,000 in haircare and  a spread in Marie Claire magazine as well.

Heidi introduces the judges, ZAC POSEN (Michael Kors 2.0), Nina Garcia, and the guest judge for this challenge, Christian Siriano (Season 4 winner).

Our New Panel of Judges

Let the judging begin! As the dresses come down the runway, it seems that the Dream Team isn’t looking so hot. They have garments that look tattered and there is no unity amongst the looks.

The judges scores the dresses as they come down the runway and once they tally their scores, the winning team is…..Team Keeping It Real!

Dream Team loses and should probably change their name to Team Nightmare (seeing as some of their garments were a MESS)

The Top Three Designers:


Project Runway Daniel1

Daniel’s look was inspired by the ripples on the river.It’s a simple suit with skinny pant.

Heidi is very impressed because it looks “Super expensive, super chic.”. Zac loves the sportswear, structure, and drape all in one. Nina likes the shorter sleeve and shorter pant and it seems versatile. Christian loves the subtle neckline.


Project Runway Patricia1

Patricia was inspired by the shapes of the windows oo the buildings and worked in that design to her hand printed fabric.

Heidi jokes how Patricia is a talker who needs to let her designs speak for her (We only have a 90 minute show). Christian loves the reflection of a cityscape. Zac likes how it is tactile and thinks she needs to add more shape to her looks. Nina likes the simplicity in the shape and the movement in the cutout panels of the dress with the pop of color (electric blue) peeking through.


Richard’s design was inspired by the balance of gray and black of the buildings and concrete.

Nina sees the influence of NY and thinks it’s very urban and sporty. Zac likes the asymmetry. Heidi loves the one short and one long sleeve. Christian likes how its stands out and is different.

The Bottom Three:



James used color blocking, but said the team steered him in the wrong direction. He is mad he didn’t stick with his original design.

Zac thinks the design looks “chewed up” and “pedestrian”. Nina doesn’t find it inspiring. Christian thinks it is boring and Heidi comments on Tu’s and Benjamin’s designs that stood out.



Cindy loved a building she saw with a checkerboard printed on it. She chose a fabric that screamed NY to her with an eclectic mix of color.

Heidi thinks it is completely unattractive. Nina says there is nothing NY about it. Christian is a bit excited it was a gown, but hates it overall hahah. Zac wants to know who Cindy is as a designer and can’t get anything from the design of this garment.



Emily explains how her original design was too intricate and she ran out of time. Heidi has no time for excuses and tells her that it looks like her 8 yr. old made this dress (YIKES). Christian could care less. Nina says in all 11 seasons, they have never seen such an unfinished piece come down the runway. Nina questions the team as to whether ANYONE could have lent Emily some fabric and they explain they basically constructed what she sent down the runway since she had nothing as of that morning. Zac feels for Emily, however, she needs to be more prepared to bring it when the time is right!

Final Results:

Winner- Daniel (I LOVE THE STACHE) #FTW

Loser- Emily (Woomp Woomp) #toobadsosad


In closing, here are my final thoughts: Emily was annoying and full of herself! Daniel seems pretty talented and is definitely a leader. Patricia is a whackadoo, but seems like she has a stroke of genius inside. Cindy is a motherly figure who needs to get her act together! Tu? Who are you? You were shown for literally 10 seconds of the ENTIRE episode.


The previews of the season look promising, with designers being sent to different countries. I hope Lifetime finds a way to revamp the show and keep the audience and designers on their feet. Until next week…




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