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Project Runway – Season 10 Episode 13 – Recap – Finale Part 1

In part 1 of the season 10 Project Runway finale, we get to visit the designer’s homes and see how their collections are going before heading to the runway that will determine who gets to show their collections at New York Fashion Week.

Will they actually cut anyone before the final finale this season?  Find out in this week’s recap:

Last week, on Project Runwaythe designers took on an avante-garde challenge and this week’s final four was selected by the judges based on their entire body of work over the season.  All the designers received mixed reviews on their avante-garde looks, but based on the whole season, Melissa, Chris, Dmitry and Fabio became the final four and Sonjia was out.

The designers all received $9000 and five weeks to work on a ten look collection for fashion week, however supposedly only three of the four designers would actually make it the Fashion Week finale.  However, since we all know that they usually end up sending all four to the Fashion Week finale anyway, the real shock would be them actually cutting someone this week.

Tim Gunn made his customary home town visits in order to check out the designers’ progress and provide his critique.  Tim was very impressed with how much work Chris had done.  Chris told Tim that he used one of his mother’s post car-accident x-rays as an inspiration for a print, which is either brilliant or creepy.  I’m not quite sure which.

Tim liked Chris’ coat, but not his leather bustier, which he felt needed “toughened” up.  Tim also loved a leather skirt that Chris had thought he had ruined by bleaching it.

Tim’s visit left Chris feeling very confident about his collection.  Tim’s final advice to Chris was to take more risks.

Tim then visited with Chris’ family, who all agreed that Chris is quite the character.

Tim’s next stop was Fabio’s place.  Fabio’s mom revealed that Fabio has indeed always been a bit different, but she of course is very proud of him.  Fabio shared that transitioning between New York and Brazil throughout his childhood is a big part of what inspired him to be so creative.

Fabio’s inspiration for his collection was “cosmic tribalism.”  Tim loved the concept and was captivated by Fabio’s water color designs and impressed with his tailoring and draping.  Tim didn’t like Fabio’s pant and compared it to a long john.  He also didn’t like the bra and shoes Fabio had picked out.  Fabio explained that he liked the juxtaposition between the light airy clothes and the ugly, chunky shoes, but Tim questioned who the customer for that would be and thought the accessories completely undercut a collection that had a lot of potential.

Tim then headed to Jersey City to visit with Dmitry.  Dmitry produced an organic architecture inspired collection.  His designs included lots of geometric shapes.  Tim didn’t like the color of one of Dmitry’s looks, but overall thought Dmitry seemed very confident.  Tim was a little concerned about whether there would be enough surprises in the collection to impress the judges.

Tim didn’t get to visit Dmitry’s family, who it seems may still live over seas, since he said he came to the United States by himself.  Dmitry also had to quit his job in order to work on his collection, so he really has everything riding on making it to Fashion Week.

Finally, Tim visited with Melissa.  Not surprisingly, Melissa’s collection contained a lot of dark colors and leather fabrics.  Tim really liked some of the textiles she chose and was impressed with her collection and her confidence.  Tim advised Melissa that her line “couldn’t be more you,” and that it would come down to a matter of taste, which was something she had no control over, so she might as well stop worrying about it.

Tim got to go on a boat ride with Melissa’s family, who were very proud of her for managing to go from a town of 3,000 people to competing in the big city on Project Runway.

Coming out of the critiques, it seemed like Chris, Melissa and Dmitry were the front runners with Fabio being the most likely to be not cut before the final three four.  However, the judges have disagreed with Tim before, so we shall see!

The designers all reunited in a posh hotel suite in New York and got to enjoy a day of relaxation before getting back to the grind the next day.

Melissa’s greatest surprise was Fabio’s collection.  She loved the lightness and color palette of his collection and said she was very proud of him.

Chris felt like Melissa didn’t really push the envelope and felt like he had seen her looks before.

Dmitry said that Chis was very talented, but very young and felt like if it came down to the two of them, his experience would win out.

Melissa said she was feeling confident when he left San Francisco, but after seeing the other collections she was starting to doubt herself.

As per usual, the designers would all choose three looks that best represent their collection to show the judges and the judges would choose which three  would go to the final finale based on those three looks.  Or so they claim.

Melissa was concerned that she didn’t push herself hard enough and maybe didn’t do enough to make it to Fashion Week.

Everyone was of course super stressed over picking the right three looks to show the judges.  Dmitry was very underwhelmed by Chris’ collection, saying that Chris had some very sophisticated pieces, but also some very “slutty” pieces.  Sophisticated slutty could be the next big thing Dmitry!  I bet there’s a whole slew of Kardashians and Real Housewives that would snap that right up.

Tim stopped by for one final critique before the runway.  Fabio advised Tim that he decided to stick with the pants and shoes that Tim didn’t like and Tim declared that they’ll “either love it or hate it.”  Fabio’s response was basically, “that’s life.”  I kind of love him for that.

Tim was a bit concerned by Chris’ plan to wait until the last minute to decide on his three looks.  Dmitry also thought this was a bad approach.

Tim picked up on Melissa’s self doubts and advised her to quit over thinking it and to feel proud and confident when she presented her looks.  Melissa said she felt much more confident after Tim’s pep talk.

Chris was about as impressed with Dmitry’s collection as Dmitry was with Chris’ collection.  Chris particularly didn’t like the look with the “crazy sleeves” and “metal bib.”

Chris ran into some trouble at the model fitting and decided he was probably going to have to just send whatever he could get to fit down the runway since he didn’t have time to alter his looks.  I can’t imagine Chris won’t make the finale, even if they actually do cut someone, so I think he’ll be a’ight.  Dmitry also has one look that didn’t quite fit his model.

The Judging:

Fabio – did an unconventional collection based on tribalism

Project Runway - Fabio

Heidi – loved his completely different point of view.  She called it “schlumpy cool.”  She thought the necklaces and the bags were fantastic.  She thought with the right styling his looks could be very interesting.

Michael – thought it was very cool in that he took colors that are normally considered “sweet, and saccharine and sugary” and designed a collection that is obviously not for that kind of woman.  He loved the “demented shoes” that Tim hated, but didn’t like the wigs.  He loved the cut outs in the skirt, but thought Fabio’s collection had some balance issues.

Nina – found some of the pieces, like the vest, to be very beautiful, but she wanted his pieces to look more luxurious and expensive and thought his looks read too junior.

Dmitry – was inspired by organic architecture and iconic buildings.  He wanted to create something graphic and powerful, but fluid and feminine at the same time.

Project Runway – Season 10 Episode 13 – Recap – Finale Part 1

Nina – thought the collection looked expensive and the white dress was beautiful.  She really liked the back of the dress.  She thought he had come a long way, but needed to push himself more on the styling.  Advised him to let the purity and simplicity of his garments shine.

Michael – thought there were too many ideas in the collection and the styling needed to go younger.  He loved the jacket, but thought it was too much putting it over the mesh over the bra, etc.

Heidi – agreed with the other judges about not over doing the styling and letting his pieces shine.

Chris – turned his mother’s x-rays into fabrics.

Project Runway - Chris

Heidi – thought the x-ray thing was a little creepy, but loved the colors mixed with the leather, but wanted some “wow” pieces. She advised him not to send the outfit with the sweater and the shorts down the runway.

Michael – thought the prints were fabulous, but advised Chris to keep trying every possible combination.  He thought the looks were beautifully done, but very “normal.”

Nina – thought everything looked too similar.  She didn’t like that two out of the three looks that were skimpy shorts and “barely there” tops.  She thought the vest was beautiful.

Melissa – focused on texture and diversity

Project Runway - Melissa

Heidi – thought it was very goth and very Melissa.  She thought the stand out piece was the black and white jacket.  She thought the dress was too simple.  She wanted more “hero” pieces.

Michael – thought the jacket was very cool and was in love with the two hand bags.  He thought the wigs were insanely ugly.

Nina – wanted to know if her entire collection was all black and white.  She advised Melissa to focus on having extraordinary styling since her color palette is so limited.  She liked the sense of coolness to the collection.  She advised her to rethink the “robin hood” sleeves on the jacket.

Overall the judges seemed disappointed with what the designers had to show.  They hated Dmitry’s styling, but thought his individual pieces were gorgeous.

They thought Fabio was going to put on a very unique show that people would either love or hate but were concerned that his clothes were going to look too cheap and unsophisticated.

They thought Chris’ explanation for the prints was interesting, but were concerned that he wouldn’t be able to put on a good show.  They liked that his clothes look polished and expensive.

They thought that Melissa designs for herself in a good way and her clothes were very commercial, but thought she made really bad choices in her styling and were concerned about her ability to put together a good show.


The first person showing at Fashion Week is….everyone!  I’m so shocked!  This has never happened before!

But….none of them are done just yet….dun, dun, dun!  They all have two days to polish and restyle their collections before Fashion Week.

Overall, I thought Dmitry had the most interesting pieces, though I agreed with the judges about that awful mesh and his “dowdy” styling.

I liked Melissa’s jacket, but thought the rest of her looks were pretty boring.  I hope she pulls things together for fashion week.  I really don’t get those baggy crotch pants.  Her model really looked like she had a wiener when she was standing there during the critique.  Maybe some people like that though.

I liked Fabio’s unique point of view and that he stepped out of his comfort zone.  However, I agreed with the judges that the clothes looked kind of cheap.

I liked the vest and the prints in Chris’ collection, but found his looks to be quite boring.  I usually find Chris boring though, so that’s nothing new.

I still think Chris is going to win.  Even though the judges were hard on him this week, they obviously still love him.  If Dmitry can fix his styling, I think his will be my favorite collection, though I’m still hopeful for Melissa.






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