Pretty Little Liars – Recap: A Quarter Past Sarcasm

Pretty Little Liars continued tonight with an episode that brought Ezra and Aria face to face. Meanwhile, Spencer might have tried to slaughter Alison, and Hanna was forced to skip dessert.

Episode 22 of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars, “Cover for Me,” mostly kept our four Liars separated. As Aria (Lucy Hale) partied her pain away with a new boy, Riley (Nick Roux) at Syracuse University, Emily (Shay Mitchell) attempted to handle some Montgomery family business for her back in Rosewood. Meanwhile, Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Travis (Luke Kleintank) went on an official first date that fell apart in a flash, and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) recalled more from the night Alison went missing. Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) dared to walk into Veronica Hastings’ (Lesley Fera) kitchen. Here is the Recap and Review of Pretty Little Liars, Season 4 Episode 22, “Cover for Me!

Did Spencer kill Alison?

ABC Family “Pretty Little Liars”

Spencer’s few days spent in rehab certainly worked wonders on her sarcasm. Just when she thought it was safe to return to the terrifying halls of Rosewood High, her mother sprung a surprise on her. Spencer, meet your new glorified babysitter! Dean (Nathaniel Buzolic) is Spencer’s new drug and alcohol addiction coach, and he moved into Melissa’s barn during Episode 22 in order to keep an annoyingly watchful eye over Spencer as she tiptoed through sobriety. This required her to cut off all ties with the outside world for a few days, even preventing her from attending actual school. Uh, bonus!

Speaking of school, Hanna could barely contain Emily’s rage as she made a beeline for Ezra’s classroom to confront and congratulate the future New York Times bestselling author! By congratulate, I mean she made it perfectly clear that she’s washed her hands of his scummy class and his creepy stalking ways. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I think secretly working on becoming a famous author by stalking your girlfriend and all of her teenage buddies is way worse than, say, what Mona (Janel Parris) did during the first two seasons, even considering the fact that Ezra and Aria were dating. Fame makes everything so gross. As Emily dealt with an embarrassed Ezra, Hanna caught up with Travis who promptly asked her to join him on their first official date. Hanna accepted with a smile. Lasagna awaits!

ABC Family "Pretty Little Liars"

ABC Family “Pretty Little Liars”

Speaking of Mona, she officially broke things off with Mike (Cody Allen Christian) this week in an effort to keep him out of the line of fire. While Aria partied away her troubles in a far-away frat house (More on this soon!), Mike had no one left to bitch and moan to but Emily, who assured him that she’d speak to Mona in order to get to the bottom of their sudden breakup. Emily later cornered Mona that evening while she attempted to speed off in Jenna’s old junker to visit Fitz. Emily, needless to say, needed her own answers as to why Mona was partnering with the man writing a secret book about their lives. In truth, Mona was only doing this to clear her own name. Remember, she’s done plenty of illegal things that have gone unnoticed, and she doesn’t want jail. Yes, she was spying on Aria for Ezra through Mike, but she never intended to actually fall for him. Perhaps more importantly, Ezra let Mona know that he thinks he cracked the case regarding who’d stolen “her game” while she did time in Radley…

ABC Family "Pretty Little Liars"

ABC Family “Pretty Little Liars”

There really isn’t much to say about Aria’s opening scenes during Episode 22 other than the fact that she spent about thirty seconds of screen time drunk and thirty minutes hung over. More importantly, she met Riley, a boy with big dreams of making it big at the Berkley School of Music, much to his parents’ dismay. Riley has a guitar named “Antonio” (cool…) and does things like drink everything in the mini-fridge of a hotel and swoon girls on the docks of lakes. I know Lucy Hale is an adult, but there was something a little comical about watching Aria sauntering around this hotel room wrapped in a comforter like a grownup looking for more booze. I think the trip mainly served to help the littlest Liar get her mojo back. Yes, she cut a little too loose, but she needed to blow off steam and this guy, Riley, helped her out. Will we see him again in Rosewood? Probably. Does this mean it’s curtains for Jake? Probably.

Back in Rosewood, Aria did eventually pay Ezra a visit to remind him that he needs to leave. Ezra, at first, misunderstood, assuming his ex meant for him to take a leave of absence as he’d already planned. Aria, on the other hand, clearly meant GET THE HELL OUT OF ROSEWOOD FOREVER YOU LYING FUTURE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR. For what it’s worth, Ezra was in Manhattan to return his publisher’s advance. It’s worth nothing, clearly. What would have happen had Aria not figured this out? Would he have surprised her with an invite to his Pretty Little Liars series book release party? Ezra, in one last-ditch effort to help Aria, handed over a copy of his manuscript that was apparently filled with new clues he’d dug up.

Spencer’s days spent with Dean were mainly opportunities to use her biting tongue and try out some new witty one-liners. Dean wasn’t amused, intent on getting to the bottom of her issues rather than trading verbal jabs. Perhaps more importantly, as he helped her through the steps of adjusting to sobriety and the withdrawal symptoms of not having a cell phone as a teenage girl, Spencer began experiencing what could either be flashbacks or actual memories of the night Alison went missing. The pile of actual dirt, as opposed to all of the figurative mud being thrown around, left under the covers at the foot of Spencer’s bed certainly pegged her as the person who attempted to kill Ali. A is now forcing these girls to do extra laundry in the middle of the night. We witnessed a flashback of who we were led to believe was Ali slipping and falling in the woods, only to then watch as Spencer smashes someone or something with the shovel, blasting her face with blood. Spencer’s worst fears were being recognized, though there was no telling if these were her memories or fantasies brought on by all of the noise in her head.

Mrs. DiLaurentis popped into the Hastings’ house this week totally uninvited. This lady had some nerve approaching Veronica, the noblewoman whose husband she’d fathered a secret love child with, about attending some ridiculous charity event that would force high school girls to dress up as brides (Coming your way on Episode 23 of PLL, Liars!). Really, this was a spooky attempt for Ali’s mom to make some cryptic comments about Spencer having clean sheets. Hmm…

Hanna spent the majority of Episode 22 dodging questions from Holbrook (Sean Faris) and Lieutenant Tanner (Roma Mafia) regarding the note left in his police car. Remember, we know this was Paige who wrote the note. Hanna remained clueless, though Tanner seemed to think she was toying with the Rosewood police force for putting her family through Hell and back. Funny enough, the remaining cops in this town kind of love Hanna for her spunk, so this wasn’t so much as a serious series of accusations as it was an attempt to plant seeds in Hanna’s head. Hanna couldn’t peg the penmanship on the note. That is, until later…

First, Hanna her big date night with Travis, who chose lasagna. See, that’s a risky choice to me because I’m not really sure I’d want to expose those particular eating habits on a first date. You really need to go in on lasagna, if you know what I mean. Not that any of this ended up mattering. First, Mrs. DiLaurentis chatting with the police in the background caught her eye. Then, Aria sent out a group S.O.S. that even drove Spencer to break the rules of her virtual house arrest. Of course Hanna was forced to skip dessert, though she did plant one on Travis’ lips and did her best to assure him that she enjoyed herself thoroughly, even if her phone played an obnoxious third wheel.

Emily finds out that Paige betrayed her

To close the recap of Episode 22, we got some informative and shocking moments. In Emily’s bedroom, all four Liars were caught up to speed, though it was Aria who brought new information to the table. According to Ezra’s manuscript, Mrs. DiLaurentis is A. Hanna, meanwhile, managed to spy Paige’s handwriting on an envelope left for Emily, a sight that later drove her to inform her friend that Paige wrote the note that tipped off the police. Aria returned to her house to comfort Mike after his breakup, while Spencer returned to Hastings Manor to an infuriated Veronica. Her mother is beginning to catch on to the fact that something is up here, guys. She’s even begun sorting through her text messages.

Episode 22 ended with Spencer returning to her dimly lit bedroom. Though she was unaware, we caught a glimpse of a horrifying, and not cloaked at all, Mrs. DiLaurentis creeping up the scene in the darkness behind her. By the time Spencer’s mother joined her daughter in the room, Mrs. DiLaurentis had snuck off into the night. What a strange way to end the episode! At first I thought this could have been another hallucination or something, but Spencer didn’t see it. We did!


What did you think of Pretty Little Liars, Season 4 Episode 22, “Cover for Me”? Does this mean Ali’s mom is actually A? Do you think Spencer cracked Ali with that shovel or did she injure someone else? What will become of Ezria? Do you like Hanna with Travis? Will Mona be let into the group again?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Pretty Little Liars, Season 4 Episode 22, “Cover for Me”!

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