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Predictions: American Idol 10 Top 12

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At any rate, last Thursday, we attempted to form a Top 12 from the Top 24 of this season and this is what Noelle, Gabe and I plus the chatroom came up with. (Note: This was before the spoilers came out for the Top 12 boys and my personal choices for this list have already changed.)

1. Naima Adedapo
2. Lauren Alaina
3. Thia Megia
4. Pia Toscano
5. Karen Rodriguez
6. Julie Zorrilla

1. Paul McDonald
2. Scotty McCreery
3. Casey Abrams
4. Robbie Rosen
5. Tim Halperin
6. Brett Lowenstern

These guys almost made the list:

7. Stefano Langone
8. Jacob Lusk

What do you guys think? I think this list is wrong. LOL Next week, we’ll try to predict elimination order (and winner) once the Top 12 is revealed.

The chatroom who helped us:


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