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Power Texting Controversy hits American Idol

Power Texting is now dominating Google Trends after the New York Times reported in tabloid-fashion that AT&T may have rigged the American Idol results in Kris Allen’s favor.

But oh the irony: #2 result for ‘power texting‘ on Google? An Adam Lambert fansite! Hahaha.

So Adam Lambert fans (not all by the way — you know who you are, and I love you) are complaining to the media about something they whole-heartedly endorsed during the entire season 8 of American Idol. Obviously that faction of the Adam Lambert fanbase failed spectacularly at their own efforts at power texting, and are now using that same tactic to discredit let’s see: Kris Allen, Fox, American Idol and AT&T! Everybody cheated against Adam Lambert, it’s a conspiracy! Some fans have even gone out their way to demand that Kris Allen be stripped of the title. What the heck — is the Miss America? (Ummm, oops, that’s a debate for some other time…)

So after the news of 38 million votes from Arkansas fizzled, and after the Christians vs. Gays debate died down, this is the new news cycle of why Adam Lambert lost American Idol.

Note to the distraught Glambert: Injustice is when a little girl in China is deprived of her childhood because she needs to glue the soles of your son’s latest Nike.

Adam Lambert is going to record an album and sell tickets to his concerts, and will make a lot more money than most of us. Just deal with it.

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