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Pentatonix – ET – The Sing-Off Video

Pantatonix  ET  The Sing Off Video

Pentatonix sing ‘ET’ by Katy Perry on The Sing-Off

I loved this! I like that they took on a current song. Best of the night for me.

PENTATONIX – Arlington, Texas – The five-member group has a modern style and draws influences from several eclectic electro genres, including dub step and garage house. @PTXOfficial


Sarah Bareilles: I fell like Katy’s in the room with us. That was so good. So good. I feel like an alien now.

Shawn Stockman: Scott, you bad boy! I heard those riffs.

Ben Folds: You were all dead-on with each other. Kevin’s effects were wicked awesome.

Watch the video here:

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