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Phu Pham — No. 8 — Solitary 2.0

Phu Pham Solitary

Phu Pham Solitary

I’ve been watching Solitary 2.0 on Fox Reality (every Saturday) and I am rooting for No. 8 Phu Pham. He’s competing against No. 9 John “JP” Palyok (from Survivor: Vanuatu), and pretty much himself just like the other contestants.

Premise of Solitary 2.0: Nine contestants are placed in separate cells and are made to endure different tests (like hunger, loneliness, other forms of torture), and the only way to win ($50,000) is to be the last person standing — the only way to lose is to quit yourself. Again, anything like this is dependent on casting, and so far all the contestants have delivered with their own brand of reactions to the solitary confinement.

I don’t think Phu Pham will make it to the end but he’s fun to watch.

Phu Pham singing with the Backstreet Boys — WTF???

From Solitary 2.0:

Phu is a freelance photographer from Moreno Valley, California. Although Phu has never dated and still lives with his parents, he does have dreams of one day owning a photography business and eventually working for Playboy. Phu plans on using his natural competitive nature and up-for-anything attitude to win the fifty grand, garner the title as champion of Solitary 2.0, and come one step closer to being a Playboy Bunny’s best friend.

If you don’t have Fox Reality on cable, you can buy Solitary on iTunes or…

Video clip:

Reality TV Solitary 2.0

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