Phillip Phillips – The World From The Side Of The Moon – MP3 Preview

Here’s the album MP3 preview of Phillip Phillips The World From The Side Of The Moon from Yahoo!

OMG OMG OMG I am so excited!!! This sounds AMAZING!!! I am so happy!

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Track List:

Man On The Moon (written by Phillip Phillips)
Home (Greg Holden, Drew Pearson)
Gone Gone Gone (Derek Fuhrmann, Todd Clark, Gregg Wattenberg)
Hold On (Phillip Phillips)
Tell Me A Story (Phillip Phillips, David Ryan Harris)
Get Up Get Down (Phillip Phillips, Gregg Wattenberg, Derek Fuhrmann)
Where We Came From (Phillip Phillips, Jon Green)
Drive Me (Phillip Phillips, Ben Neil)
Wanted Is Love (Phillip Phillips)
Can’t Go Wrong (Phillip Phillips, Greg Holden, Drew Pearson)
Fool’s Dance (Phillip Phillips)
So Easy (Stephen Wrabel, Peter Amato, Pete Salis)

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love all the songs


Any news on writing credits? I'd be interested to know how much of this album he co-wrote himself, particularly since he was so adamant in stating that "Home" wasn't the kind of track he'd have ever cut as an artist. I love this album already, so whether he wrote any of it or not doesn't really matter much to me, even though it probably should. A full version of "A Fool's Dance" needs to be on my iPod like yesterday.


@waynocoaster @NickRoman1 Ethereal is exactly the word I was looking for. It really is a beautiful track, even from that brief little snippet, and the rest of the album is sounds loaded with promise. Here's hoping it's a big success (nothing is going to knock Taylor out of the top spot, but he could probably make a run at Kendrick Lamar).