Phillip Phillips – Red Carpet Interview – American Idol 2014

I think this interview should answer once and for all if Phillip Phillips was high on drugs during his American Idol XIII 2014 performance last week of his new single “Raging Fire”…

He’s just weird!

Phillip gave a quick update of what he’s up to these days (literally flying to Canada after the show) and offered some advice to the contestants of Season 13.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, he said adding: “I’m weird. I’m weird. I’m not ashamed that I’m weird.”

Oh and he has sexy chest hair. He knows it.


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Phillip Phillips on red carpet (FOX)

Phillip Phillips on red carpet (FOX)

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He was clearly whacked out on cocaine or something similar. The signs were clear and overwhelming! Anyone who has done it or knows someone who does it can recognize it. The person I was watching the show with, a registered nurse, denied it and made excuses for him until the post song interview... Watch the end of the interview again and he is clearly whacked out on something. That's not "weird," that completely high, as the nurse conceded after several views on the dvr!


You shouldn't even have had to do this because real fans of Phillip would know how he performs and interviews especially when he is nervous.

Rickey moderator

@DerrickJohnson  I know, but there were comments on the other post which I was addressing. We all know Phillip is awesome! Since the very beginning! He's a really nice guy in person.

My pet peeve actually are those "Idol" fans who kept on harping that Phillip "can't sing". And then when Idol needed defending with their "Idol makes stars" PR -- those same fans point to Phillip, who they hated during his season. So annoyed.


@Rickey @DerrickJohnson i know i read them but i stopped myself from saying something that would have escalated it more and the people who do that need to get over it he won life moves on.