Peter Parker Dead

Peter Parker has been killed by some writer at Marvel Comics.

Peter was killed by Doctor Octopus in Amazing Spider-Man #700, 50 years after he was introduced to the world in 1962. The writer says the death is “permanent”. Dr. Octopus will be the new Spider-Man.


Peter Parker Dead

From UPI:

In a heart-wrenching plot twist for one of Marvel’s most relatable superheroes, the comic book giant has killed the nerdy, down-on-his-luck science-whiz who first developed an arachnid alter-ego in 1962 and decided to use his “great power” for good. In “Amazing Spider-Man’s” 700th and final issue, Spider-Man loses a final showdown with his arch-nemesis, Doctor Octopus, after which the latter assumes Peter Parker’s body, mind and memories. He decides to take on Spider-Man’s mission for himself, a journey continued in Marvel’s upcoming “Superior Spider-Man.”

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