Person of Interest – Season 2 Episode 9 – Recap – C.O.D.

This week’s Person of Interest is a cab driver named Fermin Ordonez. Since his occupation requires him to drive around strange people day in and day out, he unwillingly got caught up in the crosshairs of an Estonian mob.

Fermin, who is a refugee of Cuba, also attempted to bring his wife and son to the States. Did he succeed?

Check out the recap for Season 2 Episode 9 – “C.O.D.”:


The night before “The Machine” picked out Fermin’s number, he drove around a Russian hacker who kept top-secret information on his laptop. Whoever came in contact with the laptop was subject to death because the information on the laptop was extremely confidential. (It included other people’s social security info, among other things). When the Russian man exited Fermin’s cab, he left his laptop underneath the backseat. Since Fermin needed all the cash he could get to smuggle his wife & son out of Cuba, he sold the laptop. Of course, he sold this laptop before becoming aware of the files that were on that computer.

Fermin Ordonez

Fermin withdrew all of his savings money—a total of $40,000—in order to pay Mr. Mendoza (the man who helped defect Fermin out of Cuba). Mendoza, however, informed Fermin that $40,000 would only be enough for one family member, not two. Back in 2005, Fermin defected out of Cuba with a fellow friend-turned-professional-baseball-player named Rafael Acosta (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez). Fermin was also supposed to become a professional baseball player, but his injury hindered him from doing so. (That’s why he is a cabbie now).

The Estonian mob murdered the friend that Fermin sold the laptop to. The Estonian mob and the Russian hacker installed some sort of tracking device in the laptop, so the mob would be able to trace the geographical location of the person currently in possession of the laptop. Before Fermin’s friend died, the friend sold it to a man on EBay with the username, D3MAN8—real name: Albert. Albert discovered the top-secret information that was on the laptop, so his asking price was $50,000 for the next person that was willing to buy the laptop. Finch (Michael Emerson) gave him double the money for the laptop: $100,000. (Finch met up with Albert at a Korean pool-house). The Estonian mob unfortunately followed Finch into the pool-house, but Reese (Jim Caviezel) was there just in time to kick some major ass. Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and NYPD took care of the rest.

Carter also helped Fermin get his family into the States. She asked the NYPD crew to help him out with the money in exchange for the laptop. They agreed to do so, and Fermin was reunited with his wife & son.

Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) is also doing some dirty work with HR. He’s going undercover for Simmons and Quinn. They had some sort of disagreement at the end of the episode about Fusco not wanting to work with them anymore. We will find out what else is going on with Fusco & HR in the upcoming episodes.

Simmons from HR and Detective Fusco

The next episode airs Thursday, 12/13, at 9pm ET on CBS.


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