Person of Interest – Season 2 Episode 19 – Recap – Trojan Horse

The recap of Person of Interest – Season 2 Episode 19 – “Trojan Horse”:

Person of Interest returned with a bang tonight. It was a crazy episode; and indeed, one of the least predictable episodes of the entire series. The writers can do no wrong. When I heard that Agent Shaw (Sarah Shahi) was returning to POI, I thought she would be the main focus of the episode. But unlike her previous episode, she played a minor role in this episode.

In the previous episode, Detective Shamansky was found murdered inside of a secluded building. So in an attempt to dig up some answers in regards to Shamansky’s death, Finch (Michael Emerson) visited Elias in prison. Then, Elias spewed out nonsense without answering Finch’s question.

The number was a woman named Monica Jacobs (Traci Thoms) – one of the supervisors at Rylatech. Little did she know that her newest IT Specialist was in fact a genius. (Finch acted as the newest IT Specialist at Rylatech to keep a close eye on Monica). Finch initially thought Monica was a spy; but in actuality, her colleague Justin Lee was a spy. Somebody – who had killed Justin the night prior – also took his lifeless body with him/her. Finch also discovered Justin was using the alias “Justin Lee” and that he was actually working as a spy for the entire Republic of China.



Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) asked Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) to tail Detective Cal Beecher (Sterling K. Brown). Carter strongly believed that Beecher was in on Shamansky’s death, so Fusco confronted Beecher inside the Men’s bathroom. This confrontation made no difference as Beecher met up with Quinn (Clarke Peters) from HR later that evening. We later find out that Quinn set up Beecher and this ‘set-up’ had gotten Beecher killed. I don’t understand why the writers killed off Beecher’s character. And it sucks big time that he died before Carter had the opportunity to apologize to him. I really wanted to see them together. 🙁

Cal found dead

Cal found dead

Agent Shaw (Sarah Shahi) also returned to the series tonight. I’m glad the powers that be listened to the fans. Sarah Shahi is such a badass actress, and Jonathan Nolan MUST cast her as a Regular for Season 3. She makes the show a lot more exciting. In tonight’s episode, she found a way to climb into Finch’s humble abode (his library), and she also tailed Reese (Jim Caviezel). In Shaw’s previous episode, her own employers killed her beloved colleague in Michael Cole. Said employers are after Cole’s parents as well. Reese was trying to protect Cole’s parents from getting killed.

Agent Shaw

Agent Shaw

Let’s get back to this week’s number, Monica Jacobs. She found out that her own personal assistant of two years – Jerome – was a spy as well. When he tried to beat up Monica, Reese ass-kicked Jerome. (Jerome’s own employers killed him thereafter). Later, Finch revealed his true identity to Monica, and she was relieved to have somebody else on her side. I must say: Finch and Monica have great chemistry. Monica’s tech-savvy skills prompted a crush from Finch. It was endearing to watch.

Before Jerome had been killed, he sold Monica out by telling his other higher-ups that she was a “spy.” That couldn’t have been further from the truth because she was not the spy – she was actually tracking down a real spy in Justin Lee.

Monica's assistant, Jerome

Monica’s assistant, Jerome

Jerome, Justin Lee, Martin (Monica’s boss), and several other employees at Rylatech were working as spies for the Republic of China. Monica’s boss Martin turned his soul over to the Republic of China; thus allowing China to hack into the U.S. government only because he wanted to save Rylatech from going bankrupt. (He prioritized his company over all of the United States of America). At the end of the episode, Martin committed suicide.

Monica's boss, Martin

Monica’s boss, Martin

The next morning, Finch realized that the spies at Rylatech were also working for ‘Decima Technologies.’ Said organization is currently attempting to infect The Machine and kill the man behind The Machine. This can’t happen! Somebody save Finch!

The man that is trying to track down The Machine

The man that is trying to track down The Machine

Thanks for reading this recap of “Trojan Horse”! This show keeps getting better and better.

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