Person of Interest – Season 2 Episode 14 – Video Recap – One Percent

The recap of Person of Interest – Season 2 Episode 14 – “One Percent”:

How did you like Episode 14? I thought it was a bit unusual because I had a hard time keeping track of everything that happened. There were a ton of characters to keep track of (well, more than usual). To be honest, I was a bit disoriented tonight because the episode kept jumping from one story to another, present day to flashback, etc. I know that POI features flashbacks in every episode; however, this episode was choppy. If the powers that be had stretched this episode out to an hour and a half or two hours, it would’ve made a whole lot more sense. I’d go as far to say it is one of the weakest episodes of POI thus far.

Let’s get right to the recap:

Logan Pierce dropped out of college to launch his own social networking website called Even though he’s a college dropout, he’s actually a genius—a bit annoying and unlikeable—but a genius, nonetheless. His colleagues and “friends” all dislike him, and a few of them want him dead. Finch (Michael Emerson) hacked into Logan’s private information, and discovered that there are 200 lawsuits against Logan.

Who Is He?:

Finch asked Reese (Jim Caviezel) to attend an auction that Logan was invited to. At the auction, Reese found out that Logan is sleeping with his rival’s wife. (His rival Kaman is actually one of his top rivals in the social networking industry). Reese had difficulty keeping up with this guy; in fact, he escaped the auction via a helicopter.

Finch pretending to work at the dry cleaners

Finch pretending to work at the dry cleaners

In an effort to keep up with Logan’s pace, Finch stepped out of his office and into the shoes of a dry cleaner’s. Whilst he pretended to work at the dry cleaners when Logan came in to pick up his suit, he switched Logan’s titanium card with one that had a listening device embedded in it. This ended up being a brilliant idea because Finch & Reese actually saved Logan’s life three times during the episode:

  • Someone hacked into Logan’s car, installed malware, and deactivated the brakes. He wasn’t able to decelerate his car until Finch erased the malware. (Finch did this from his own office).

Sounds Like Fun:

  • When Logan invited Reese into his home, Logan drank scotch that was spiked by his own attorney. Reese was able to save Logan’s life by shoving a pipe down his esophagus, and breathing air from the other end of the pipe into Logan’s lungs.

Stay With Me:

Emily Morton:

  • The co-founder of—Justin Ogelby—hired big men to throw Logan over a bridge, but Reese got there just in time to shoot the guys in their kneecaps.

New Friends:

At the end of the episode, the news revealed that plummeted and Logan’s new social networking website——skyrocketed. He actually partnered with his rival Kaman and an old friend of his named Emily Morton.

Logan Pierce

Logan Pierce

More importantly: Finch & Reese took Bear to the park…. for a date. Instead of accompanying himself, Bear ran around the park with a new friend. Are we going to see little Bear JRs running around in the future?? 😛

Full of Surprises:

Let’s flashback to 2001:

I believe this flashback took place on September 11th, 2001 because Finch and Nathan (Brett Cullen) were talking about the aftermath of what two planes had done. They didn’t directly reference 9/11, but I’m positive that THAT is what they were referring to. What else could it be? Finch and Nathan agreed that “if [they] don’t change the world, someone else will.” I think we’ll learn more about their conversation in the upcoming episodes.


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