Person of Interest – Season 2 Episode 10 – Recap – Shadow Box

The tenth episode of Person of Interest Season 2, “Shadow Box,” unveiled a nasty scheme—which was led by a man named Chapel from a Veterans’ Charity organization. Former employee Abby Monroe and her boyfriend, Shayn Coleman, discovered that Chapel had stolen $30 million from the donations.

Also: the FBI was after “The Man in the Suit.” Did they catch Reese?

Check out the recap for Season 2 Episode 10 – Shadow Box:


This week’s person of interest is an honors’ student named Abby Monroe. Her late brother was a veteran, and her current boyfriend, Shayn, is also a marine. She’s risking her reputation and her clean record because she still feels a debt towards her younger brother (who had passed away).

Shayn stole some explosives from a second-hand shop so that he and Abby could access the safe deposit vaults located underground. Chapel’s faux charity organization ruined Shayn’s life because Chapel tripled the interest rates after Shayn finished his military duties. Thousands of veterans lost their homes because Chapel stole $30 million+ from the donations.

Agent Donnelly is still tracking “The Man in the Suit.” He still has no idea what the man in the suit looks like, and he has no idea that Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) and Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) are working with him. Donnelly also believes that former CIA Agent Snow is working with the man in the suit. Also: Donnelly made Carter a job offer to join the FBI… after she finishes this “temporary assignment” of tracking down the man in the suit.

There’s also something fishy going on with the new guy that Carter’s been seeing. His name is Detective Cal—one of Carter’s colleagues. Fusco found out that Cal had a meeting with Quinn, who is the head of H.R. I wonder why he met up with Quinn? Is Cal even aware that Quinn is the head of H.R.? Does Quinn want to work for H.R.? Why did he even meet up with Quinn in the first place?

Reese (Jim Caviezel) also helped Abby & Shayn get to safe deposit vaults since he is a veteran, himself. He helped them track down Chapel’s vault. Chapel also sent three of his mercenaries underground to kill Reese, Abby, and Shayn…. but his plan backfired. Finch (Michael Emerson) got there just in time to give Abby and Shayn fake banker I.D. cards (to pretend like they work at the bank). They pretended they were investment bankers because the FBI team was also there to track down the man in the suit. (Anybody associated with the man in the suit (Reese) would be arrested as well).

Reese stayed underground to shoot Chapel’s mercenaries. I thought that this would be the end for Reese, but fortunately for him… Chapel’s mercenaries were all wearing suits. When the FBI located Reese and the three mercenaries, they weren’t able to differentiate between the four men in suits. The FBI just handcuffed Reese and the three mercenaries. Carter also did Reese a favor by blatantly lying to Agent Donnelly, stating that she didn’t recognize any of the four men in suits. Thanks Carter!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the future episodes. Finch will figure out a way to bail Reese out of jail (I hope). 🙂 Reese’s social security number and past history has already been wiped clean from the federal records, so this should be an easy bail… it’s sort of like Monopoly’s “Get out of Jail Free” card.


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