Person of Interest – Season 1 Episode 20 – Matsya Nyaya – Recap

The latest number has Reese going undercover with an armored truck crew. Not knowing whether their guy is the victim or the criminal, Reese is more on edge than usual. The consensus is that a robbery is about to go down.

The more interesting part of the episode are the flashbacks of John’s final days with Stanton and Mark. Some big reveals are ahead.

Carter and Fusco are still in the dark about each other. Finch thinks sooner rather than later would be ideal for that little chat but John thinks the way things are now is safer. Poor Fusco is still undercover as a bad guy at HR and Carter is suspecting him. I bet he has ulcers at this point. The car Reese is guarding is blown up with him and his guy still inside it. When he steps out, he’s shot from behind by their number. Looks like he’s a bad guy this time. Reese is alright thanks to his vest and Carter takes him home from the hospital. They’re so cute. Even cuter? Finch freaking out on the speaker phone when he doesn’t know if John is alright. I love them. Besties!

Turns out HR is behind the heist this guy is apart of and Fusco is sent to get the goods. He finds John there instead and John goes off to find their guy. Unfortunately for him, this guy has a girlfriend behind John with a gun. They tie him up and Reese realizes all too soon that this guy is both a criminal and a victim when his girlfriend kills him and leaves Reese. He’s safe for about two seconds. Carter and the fat guy from HR who has a name I can’t remember walk in and kill the girl. He then moves on to kill John but Fusco saves him in time. I’m not used to seeing Lionel kill someone. But I’m glad he did this time. People in that department are just dropping like flies.

Flashback time. Jessica contacts Reese for the first time in 4 years. I have no idea why she’s crying or what she wants from John but he vows to come get her in 24 hours. Not gonna happen. Mark and surprise guest Alicia show up to tell John and Stanton they are being shipped off to China for a new important mission. They are to recover some top secret software and then be picked up. Before John leaves, Mark tells him he has to kill Stanton because she’s been compromised. Hmm. Mark was behind this?

When they get to their location, they find a bunch of dead bodies. One guy is still alive and tells them the people who came “took the machine.” THE machine? That can’t be a coincidence. And why is Stanton lying to John about what this guy said? When it comes time to be picked up, Reese backs out of killing Stanton. He turns his back and she shoots him instead. Apparently Mark told her the same thing he told John. John runs away once he realizes Stanton’s about to be blown up. Why didn’t they want anyone left behind? Why send them there to retrieve a package that isn’t there?

But here’s the bigger shocker. Mark and his goon think they have found John in a hotel room. They walk in and immediately get shot. By who? By Stanton. She’s alive! Is she Root?

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