Person of Interest – Season 3 Episode 2 – Recap – Nothing To Hide


Finch and Reese have been known to tip toe over the line of privacy in the past. What happens when their latest number is someone who sells privacy for a living?

Person of Interest: “Nothing To Hide” recap:

Carter is back on patrol duty now that she’s an officer and her patience is wearing thin. She has a new rookie partner that she’s not in the mood to train. He seems innocent enough but I don’t trust him. Everyone is suspicious on this show and with Carter still snooping about Beecher, who knows what’s in store for her character.

The latest number is named Wayne Kruger and he has the same amount of compassion as Freddie. He’s an internet entrepreneur with a specialty in selling people’s data and privacy to the highest bidder. Someone else is not happy about this and makes it their mission to destroy and dismantle his life.

As the perfect revenge, they enlist the help of a group of people who have been victimized in one way or the other by Wayne’s company. Whoever is behind this is extremely powerful. They are able to get an elevator to freefall and are able to take control of Wayne’s car as he’s driving it. They bug his office, drain his accounts, ruin his business deals, and break up his marriage. But that’s not enough.

I can’t feel too bad for this guy. After Reese and Finch save him, he repays the favor by knocking Finch out and stealing his gun. He confronts the guy he thinks is behind it all and a scuffle ensues. Different people get a hold of the gun but in the end it doesn’t matter. A surprise and seemingly innocent man comes out of nowhere and shoots both John and Wayne.

John is, thankfully, wearing his vest and only suffers a broken rib. Wayne is killed. Not before this mystery person reveals his reasons. He is part of a mysterious group that wants to teach a lesson to people like Wayne and even the government. Ya hear that NSA? This lesson is the first of many.

What lessons is next?

I thought this episode was much better than the season premiere. It at least was more action packed and introduced a new mystery and arc to take us through the season. I’m excited and curious to see where this leads.

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