Person of Interest – Recap – A War Is Coming!

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Ho. Ly. Crap. Person of Interest brought it tonight. The writers and actors gave us everything they had and I’m still reeling from one hell of an episode. My brain hasn’t quite comprehended it yet but man, was it awesome.

Read on for our recap of season 3 episode 8 of Person of Interest: “Endgame.”

Finch is perplexed when 38 numbers come up at once and they’re members of HR. A war is coming. And Carter is leading the crowd. She’s venturing into dangerous territory and she wants to do it alone. She even tells John to back off and let her do what needs to be done. They would never leave her in harm’s way, would they?

I gotta say. Carter is very, very clever. In between making me nervous with all these flashbacks to her and her time with her son’s father when she was still a baby police officer, she’s making life very difficult for HR. In fact, she’s getting down and dirty and pitting HR against the Russians. So much so that Elias is even making popcorn to watch the fireworks. He should pass me the popcorn so I can chew while I stare at Yogorov. Where’s he been hiding? He is fine.

But John and Finch aren’t happy. She is very much in danger. She’s wearing a gas mask, using a grenade launcher, and stealing trucks. When John storms into her apartment and calls out for “Joss!” I do a double take. He rarely uses her name.

Lionel wants to help her as well but Joss seems ready to accept she may not come home. She gives Lionel the keys to her evidence on HR in case anything goes wrong. I’m so nervous! Joss wants to arrest Alonzo. Personally, I think a bullet would be better but who am I to judge?

Speaking of judge, Carter makes the call to get an arrest warrant and meets the Judge at his home, only to discover he tipped off Alonzo and Simmons and they’re waiting there, guns out. I HATE SIMMONS. “To be or not to be, bitch.” I can’t wait for John to kill him.

Just as he’s about to pull the trigger on Carter, she speaks for John to come on in. She knew they wouldn’t let her down and they’d be listening in to protect her. The two of them leave with Alonzo but Simmons is left behind. He puts out the word so every criminal in New York recognizes John’s face.

Do I need to worry about him next week? As for this week? Bravo to Taraji P. Henson for her work in tonight’s episode. That conversation with her son almost had me in tears.

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