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Pentatonix – OMG – The Sing-Off

Pentatonix sang OMG on The Sing-Off

I love this song! Not one of their best arrangements though (in my opinion). Pentatonix for the win! Watch the video here:


Sarah Bareilles: It’s so locked in.

Shawn Stockman: I’m tired of saying that you’re good.

Ben Folds: Smart arranging.

Pentatonix  OMG  The Sing Off

Watch the video here:

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When I first watched this performance live, I was not feeling the arrangement. It was good but not up to the level I expect from Pentatonix. But after watching it again on YouTube it suddenly dawned on me on how fantastic this number was. The arrangement is really out of this world. Especially, the breakdown. And Scott really did Usher proud on the lead vocals.

So...this is the performance where at first it doesn't blow you away. But after the 2nd...3rd viewing, it becomes much better.