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Paula Deen Headed For Divorce?

Paula Deen Headed For Divorce

The hits just keep coming for fallen Food Network star Paula Deen. On top of a heap of legal troubles, Paula may be adding divorce to her long list of worries.

According to a report from the National Enquirer, Paula may be headed for a divorce from husband Michael Groover. The report also reveals that the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement and Paula could be headed for a 17 million dollar battle as a result.

Via ShowBizSpy:

“If they do divorce, Paula could have a real fight on her hands,” said a source close to the family.

Michael is said to be furious over being dragged into the mess that exploded when news broke that Paula admitted in a court deposition she’d used the N-word.

“Now that Paula has soiled his name, too, everyone fears it could be the final breaking point for their marriage,” revealed the source.

“Michael is a quiet Southerner, a fifth-generation native of Savan­nah. He’s a proud man and has had trouble being in the limelight. This scandal has been a nightmare for him. People blast Paula to his face for her racial slurs, and they’re let­ting him have it, too. It’s a case of guilt by association.

“Even his fishing buddies rib him about Paula’s slurs and how they’ve become the talk of the nation.

“Michael is at the end of his rope. His closest friends believe he’s go­ing to file for divorce and get back to being a good ol’ boy – without the publicity.

“Michael appears to be a laid-back Southern guy, but Paula could be faced with a doozy of a divorce battle.”

Paula Deen Headed For Divorce?

Paula Deen Headed For Divorce?

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