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Paula Deen – Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed After Settlement

The discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen has been dismissed after an undisclosed settlement.

So she finally settles??? I think it’s a bit too late! She’s lost so much already.

Paula Deen - Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed After Settlement

Paula Deen – Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed After Settlement


Paula Deen no longer faces claims in the lawsuit that led to the fall of her food empire.

According to court documents filed in Savannah, Ga., all claims against the TV chef have been dismissed in the suit brought by former restaurant manager Lisa Jackson, with no award of costs or fees to any party. Jackson had sued on the grounds that the work environment at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, owned by Deen and her brother, subjected employees to sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

The news comes two weeks after a federal judge threw out the lawsuit’s race discrimination claims, stating that though others may have faced that discrimination in the restaurant, Jackson could not sue since she was not one of the victims. Friday’s agreement was filed with prejudice, which means Jackson cannot refile the lawsuit.

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Well, I guess we'll see who Paula's true supporters are and who will be crawling out of the woodwork.  Grrrr....White people suck (and I'm white)


Sad and angry that Paula has had to go all she has had to endure for a non-event. Ms Jackson should be made to pay damages.