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Paul McDonald to Premiere New Song on ‘Parenthood’

Paul McDonald will premiere his new single “Counting Stars” on the NBC series Parenthood tonight.  Paul’s recurring role on the series will also make him the latest Idol alum to try out his acting chops.

McDonald told Yahoo Music, that he is also finally working on his first post-Idol album.  “I’m off to Nashville to record the full-length the next two months–with real musicians and some folks from my old band [the Grand Magnolias],” says Paul. “It will hopefully give it a cooler vibe. Writing in L.A. was a much different approach than my norm, mostly drum sounds on computers and crazy programs–which are cool, but I think I prefer the way it was done back in the day, with a bunch of dudes in a room playing music with real instruments. It’s more fun that way, at least.”

Sounds like things are looking up for the Idol alum.  I’m glad to hear he will be reuniting with some of his band for his full album.  I prefer the Grand Magnolias sound to most of his solo efforts.  He really does sound a lot like a young Rod Stewart on this recording.

“Counting Stars”:

Parenthood Premiere Preview:

Paul McDonald to Premiere New Song on 'Parenthood'

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