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Paul “Barefoot” Kim — Top 24

Paul Kim

Okay, I’m probably bitchy because I missed the whole Sanjaya-affair, but this “gimmick” thing really turns me off. First it was Jasmine Trias with that ridiculous flower in her hair, and now this.

So Paul Kim has decided that he will perform in front of America barefoot and wear the same underwear during elimination night. I don’t know if his superstition also prevents him from washing said underwear since it might wash away the good luck, but it’s best that we didn’t know. Dude, walking barefoot on stage is so unhygienic. Please reconsider. That’s like wearing flip flops in Chinatown in New York during the Summer. Don’t you know that dirty feet is one of the biggest turn-offs ever? It’s also not safe. What if you step on a 2-inch nail?

And… don’t get me started with the blue contact lenses.

Rickey’s word of advice: Drop the gimmicks and work the talent. Gimmicks will only cheapen your act. (But of course he won’t listen to me, so I’m probably going to be annoyed everytime he starts performing… sigh).

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