Paris Hilton talks Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’

Image: PARIS HILTON at People's Choice Awards 2013 in Los Angeles

Image: PARIS HILTON at People’s Choice Awards 2013 in Los Angeles

It’s been several years since the infamous “Bling Ring” celebrity burglaries took place. Now, Sofia Coppola is gearing up for the release of the film based on the nonfiction break-ins. Paris Hilton, the criminal groups’ most famous victim, spoke to The Daily Beast surrounding her involvement in the project and what it was like to endure that terrible firsthand experience.

As it turns out, Coppola first approached Hilton at a party in the hotel heiress’ home. As Hilton explained in her interview,

She was just walking around my house taking pictures, and all of a sudden she came up to me and told me, ‘I’m doing a movie on the Bling Ring and I’d love to shoot here. This is going to be impossible to re-create.’ I love her and think she’s so talented. After speaking with her, I agreed to it.

Hilton still resides in the home that was burglarized, a home in a gated community within which she felt safe enough to keep a spare key under her doormat.

Even though it happened to me and it’s scary, I just had to up the security in and around my house with cameras, laser beams, and the most high-tech system… I don’t even think there was a burglary there until this happened. My housekeeper had been there and left the key under the mat for me, so they took the key, made a copy of it, and brought it back. The kids basically had their own copy of the key and broke into my home, like, six times.

Finally, Hilton spoke on the invasion, specifically regarding what the privileged youths decided to swipe.. $2 million in jewels.

Both of my grandmothers had passed away in the past couple of years and left me jewelry that had been in my family for ages that I’ll never be able to replace. Awful… The fact that they tried to steal my dog, were laying in my bed, and chilling in my house while I was gone makes me sick. They better never see me… Nowadays, kids are obsessed with becoming famous. It’s a scary world to grow up in, especially in L.A.

Hilton is slated to make a cameo in The Bling Ring which hits theaters today. You can check out the official trailer for the film below. Read the entire interview with Paris Hilton, in which she also discussed the completion of her latest album on Cash Money Records, at The Daily Beast.

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