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Paris Bennett Thinks Idol is a ‘Joke’

“Idol” Reject Is Trying to Screw the Show (

“We want to see him [Sanjaya] win because it’ll kind of prove that ‘American Idol’ is kind of losing its taste,” says Bennett, “it kinda isn’t going for talent anymore and more for popularity.”

Ouch. Paris! I was so doing the promo-blitz for your new album honey. Not cool to diss the show that put you on the map. Not cool to diss a fellow contestant from the show that put you on the map. One year later, still getting wrong advice from your handlers.

And yeah right, as if the stylists didn’t screw around with your hair week in and week out when you were on the show Paris. You had fun then didn’t you? Please…

Go Sanjaya!

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