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Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey – Secrets – The X Factor Boot Camp

Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey sing “Secrets” on The X Factor Boot Camp.

I like both of them… for entertainment value. That animal print tattoo is a great conversation starter.

Watch the video here:

Paige Thomas  CeCe Frey  Secrets  The X Factor Boot Camp

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This is a competition and if you know how the judges feel when you forget the words, Paige forget the words at the beginning. Cece sang it better. No comparison. Its not about choosing a song. If you thing you are there to win, than we can throw anything at you. Make the best of it. Poor excuse.


Did the X Factor do these "sing offs" last year, or is it just something they stole from The Voice?


I do not like CeCe. Both were to pick a song and Paige stated she did not want to do Secret. I do not like bullies and CeCe is one... Give her the boot for cheating and choosing a song that Paige said no too!

Rickey moderator

@Quinntes They didn't do it last year. They stole it from The Voice.



If it's any consolation, I think it backfired on CeCe (unlike Tate). CeCe sounded oversung and lacked originality - she was just pushing notes to show her range but it had nothing to do with the lyrics.  Paige gave some meaning to the song. I'd never heard the song before and I liked Paige's version and hated CeCe's (melisma).  The judges liked Paige too.