Oscars 2014 – Best Documentary Feature Nominees – Stream on Netflix

Oscars 2014 - Best Documentary Feature Nominees - Stream on Netflix

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The lineup for Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars 2014 is a strong one, with subjects ranging from background singers on the cusp of superstardom, Indonesian death squads, and military government cover-ups. If you haven’t seen the films, now is your chance, as the films will be available to stream on Netflix. Find out the full details on how/when you can stream the films, and watch the trailers for each nominated film below:

The Act of Killing

A positively harrowing film, executive produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, that centers on the unrepentant former members of Indonesian death squads. These death squad soldiers are challenged to reenact some of their countless murders in the fashion of the American movies they love. The Act of Killing is one of the more chilling films you’re likely to see this year. You can stream it now on Netflix.

The Square

A Netflix original documentary, The Square chronicles the Egyptian protest movement from the 2011 overthrow of military leader Hosni Mubarak through the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in 2013. You can stream the film on Netflix starting tomorrow, January 17.

Cutie and the Boxer

This vibrant documentary centers on the tumultuous 40-year marriage between renowned boxing painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko. You can stream the film now on Netflix.

Dirty Wars

This film centers on the very different rules of engagement in modern warfare. Drone strikes, night raids, and U.S. government-condoned torture resulting in unprecedented civilian casualties is the subject of this documentary, from investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill. In particular, the film traces the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command, the most secret fighting force in U.S. history, for whom no target is off-limits. You can stream the film now on Netflix.

20 Feet From Stardom

Unfortunately, the most commercially popular entry in this year’s Documentary Oscar race is the only one that isn’t available on Netflix. However, there are still plenty of ways to see this film, centers on the talented women who serve as backup singers to such stars as Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, and Bruce Springsteen (all of whom appear in the documentary to provide their insights). The film also features The Voice Season 4 finalist Judith Hill, among other incredibly talented vocalists. It’s a celebration of music, and of the struggle for stardom. You can stream the film at Apple, YouTube, and Google Play.

So which film will take home Oscar gold? Find out when the Oscars air live March 2 on ABC.

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