Oscars 2014 – Best Animated Short Nominees – Video Trailers

Curious about the Best Animated Short nominees for the Oscars 2014? Here’s your opportunity to find out more about the films below. Check out these preview trailers for each of the films below. The videos will give you a sense of just why these shorts were nominated. With any luck, you just might be able to pick the winner from these previews.

Oscars 2014 - Best Animated Short Nominees - Video Trailers

Credit: ZEILT Productions


Get a Horse!

Mr. Hublot

Room on the Broom


There’s no trailer for this film available, but you can read all about it here. I kind of want to see this. Badly.

So which film looks like the clear frontrunner for the win? Sound off in the comments!

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Got Something to Add?


I love short films! I ranked them in this order:

1. Feral

2. Room the broom

3. Mr Hublot

4. Get a Horse!

But ofc my choices r never the same as TPTB so i expect Get A Horse to Win

BTW I wanna see Possessions... other world? FTW.. i do quite like my Twilight Zone :)

How do they choose these films? This is one of  the best short film Ive ever seen:

I cant help but smile. I downloaded and kept so that whenever Im in a crappy mood I can watch and be happy! Do you like it?