Oscar nominees luncheon – Live Twitter Feed

It’s an annual tradition, and one of the most high-profile events of Oscar season: the nominees luncheon.

The stars have turned out in droves to hob-nob with fellow nominees and press alike.

The Academy is doing an official live Twitter blog, which you can join here: Official Live Blog

The feed will include a full report of the festivities, with comments from the nominees and exclusive photos from the luncheon.

Strangely enough, unless their lateness is so severe that they could pass for my long-lost Puerto Rican brethren, it appears that Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lewis, Best Supporting Actor nominee Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Best Actress nominee Emmanuelle Riva and her director, Best Director/Best Original Screenplay nominee Michael Haneke are all absent from the ceremony.

While this doesn’t really kill their Oscar chances, schmoozing never hurt anyone, particularly when it’s this close to the first day of official voting (this Friday, February 8), so I wonder if maybe the megawatt smile of a Hugh Jackman or Bradley Cooper (both of whom are dressed in curiously similar outfits) could close the gap.

I suppose we’ll see when the Oscar winners are announced live on February 24 on ABC.

And now, in closing, here is J-Law wearing what looks to be a curtain, or maybe a bedsheet. I don’t know, nor do I particularly care.

Credit: Sasha Stone/Awards Daily

Credit: Sasha Stone/Awards Daily

Le sigh.

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